Woman rocks short red hairstyle
Hair Colour | Red hair

Love that Red Hair!

There are many more red shades of hair than ever. Red hair color may range from strawberry red to deep mahogany. Enjoy our images of redheaded stars and find the shade of red, which suits you as well as your hair and skin type

Allow the shades of red inundate your imagination and revel in the colors called strawberry, cherry, aubergine, red wine, chili chocolate, and pomegranate. Who would not want to try one or the other of these sumptuous shades of red hair color? Red hair color comes in so many nuances that you should not have any trouble finding the perfect shade of red for you.

Experimenting with Red Hair Color and Streaks

Temporary red tints can help you test red shades in your hair providing the red hair color of your choice is not lighter than your natural hair color. Testing also gives you the opportunity to find out whether red can be your long-term hair color or just a way to exercise your creativity. You can use these temporary tints to find just the right shade of red for your hair and skin type. Red streaks are another way of slowly approaching your new red hair color. These are ways to test the waters and see whether red hair suits your skin type. Streaks are a subtle compromise when you play with the idea of wearing your hair red but don’t want to transition to a bright, flamboyant red color right away.

The Right Shade of Red for Your Hair and Skin Type

Do you fancy a flamboyant shade of pomegranate red or are you partial to warm caramel red, a deep black-red or the purple tinge of cherry red? You may like to narrow your choices by considering the natural tones of your hair and skin as guides:

Reddish blonde and light copper shades are ideal for blondes with light skin.

If your hair is dark blonde or light brown with light to medium skin color you may be either a cool or warm type. Cool and bluish shades like cherry red, burgundy and aubergine are suitable for bluish-rosy or olive complexions. Warm red shades like copper, copper beech, and reddish gold are ideal for yellowish, peach or golden complexions.

Medium to dark brown hair and olive complexions come to life if combined with intensive red and mahogany shades.

Very dark or black hair combines well with cherry red and black-red shades.