Schwarzkopf Professional
  • The Lather Battle: Shampooing and Conditioning

    We wish for lustrous full hair. Unfortunately, such hair often remains just a wish. The reason is a lack of care or the wrong care. Long fine hair needs a different kind of care than strong curls. Sometimes, there is too little moisture or too little lustre. We tell you how to care and shampoo your hair the right way

    Shampooing and Conditioning
  • Hot Air: Blow-Drying and Smoothing Hair

    Blow-drying and smoothing hair is really simple. Of course it is - if you know how to do it. Be nice to your hair while treating it with tools like the blow-dryer, flat iron, curling iron or heated rollers. You also need to protect your hair before using these tools. This kind of tender loving care will be the end of dry, damaged hair & split ends

    Blow-Drying and Smoothing
  • Hair Cure Programmes Protect and Pamper Your Hair

    Shampooing and blow-drying has to be all there is to do. Are you kidding? Most hair needs far more care. However, this care needs to be tailor-made for your hair. Otherwise, thin hair may become droopier, a fatty scalp will suffer an oil crisis and an afro look will look wild

    Conditioning and Pampering