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Clean Hair: Shampooing and Conditioning

Your hair likes to be treated softly and with love. Below, we have compiled the best hair care and shampooing tips for long and curly hair. We also tell you how to bring sensational lustre into your hair. Also have a look into our dictionary. You can learn about hair care products, their ingredients and the way they work.

  • Hair Treatments

    The Extra Care Approach to Hair Care

    Extreme temperatures call for extra hair care. Large selections of nourishing elixirs provide us with the tools to guard our hair against the vagaries of harsh weather conditions. We like to let you know about today's best hair treatment

    Selecting the Proper Hair Treatment
  • Leave-in Treatment

    Leave-in Flash Treatment

    Leave-in treatments or hair cures bring back the natural healthy brilliance to stressed over-processed hair, restore the vibrancy of the hair colour, and add volume to limb hair. Find out how you can sport a healthy head of hair in seconds

    Leave-In Hair Miracles
  • Shampooing – How Often?

    Can You Shampoo Too Often?

    Freshly shampooed hair dazzles with its lively bounce and pleasant fragrance. Still, you should not overdo the clean hair routine. Our best advice is: "As often as necessary, as seldom as possible." We help you navigate the course of moderation and keep your hair attractive between shampoos

    Guide to Shampooing
  • Stunning lustre

    Caring for beautiful lustrous hair

    A gorgeous head of shiny hair is no longer the privilege of women in shampoo commercials. We bring lustre to your hair as well

    Giving lustre to your hair
  • Moisture

    Moisture Satisfies Hair

    Most people treat their skin with loving care and nourish it daily with crèmes and lotions. In contrast, some believe that hair only needs to be washed to look good. That is not so. Hair needs moisture to look good

    Your Hair Craves Moisture
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