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  • Brown Hair is all the Rage

    Germans favour brunette hair. No wonder, brown hair shines in more variations than any other hair colour

    More about Brown Hair
  • Red Hair: Flaming Beauty

    Red is not just another hair colour, it is a statement. Red is also the hair colour with the most lustre

    Tips for Red Hair
  • Blonde Hair: Lighting up the Place

    Do blondes have more fun? Do men favour blondes? We have no idea. We do know that blonde hair is a real highlight

    Everything about Blonde Hair
  • Grey Hair: Silver is Precious

    Have you decided to embrace nature? Grey hair can give you a very special style – or also hide in an understated style

    Tricks for Grey Hair
  • Black Hair: It’s Magic!

    Snow White’s beautiful sisters are conquering the fashion world. Black hair is mysterious and classy

    The Magic of Black Hair
  • For Men: Colour Change Now!

    Men play chameleon now too. They surprise with colour variations and highlights. Of course, they are discreet about it

    Hair Colour Tips for Men