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Blonde Hair: Gold and Sand

Blonde hair also colours your attitude toward life. Blonde tends to make you the star wherever you go. Whether your shade of blonde is caramel or ash blonde, you should learn about colour trends and the care of colour-treated hair from the experts. In our colour consultation we help you turn your blonde hair into a truly bright image.

  • A Yellow Tinge in Blonde Hair

    Yellow Tinged Blonde Hair

    Most women want their hair to have a natural colour with plenty of luminescent glow. Quite often, first attempts do not bring the desired results. Women who colour their hair blonde are particularly dismayed when it shows a yellow tinge. We explain what causes the yellow tinge and how to prevent it

    Bye Yellow Tinge, Hello Natural Blonde!
  • Dark Roots in Blonde Hair

    Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

    Are you flirting with the idea of colouring your hair blonde but wonder whether you are ready to deal with the dark new hair growth known as dark roots? Don’t worry about it! Dark roots in blonde hair are now accepted everywhere, even at gala events

    High-Contrast Two-Tone Hair
  • Ombre Hair for Blondes

    Ombre Hair for Blondes

    Colouring hair in two hues remains a popular trend. While brunette hair goes from dark to lighter ends, blondes leave the hair near the roots light and colour the ends darker. Some call this colour trend ‘reverse ombre’. The stars in our gallery demonstrate the new ‘reverse ombre’ hair colour choices for blondes

    Light Hair with Darker Ends
  • Hair Colour Change

    The Hair Colour with Your Name on It

    Is your heart set on a new hair colour? What is your fancy? Is it blonde, brown, red, black or colourfully streaked hair? Before you decide, you may like to join us on our excursion into hair colour

    Tips before Changing Hair Colour
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