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  • Taylor Swift Beige Blonde

    Beige Blonde Is All the Rage in 2012

    Silky soft hair colours are expected to be all the rage in the summer of 2012. Beige and champagne blonde are popular like never before. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Nicole Richie embrace the new hair colour trend and can be seen on the red carpet with these brilliant hair colours

    Celebrities Love Beige Blonde Hair
  • Beach Blonde Summer Hair for Everybody

    Beach Blonde Summer Hair

    When it comes to creating beach blonde hair the sun and salt water can’t be beat! Alas, hardly any of us spend four weeks at the beach. Luckily, there is more than one way to achieve the hot summer look for your hair, and below we share the best methods with you

    Capture the sunshine in your hair
  • Blonde Hair is the Trend

    Cool - Cooler - Blonde

    As long as they are at it, designers and hair stylist colour and bleach hair to their heart’s content this year. Courageous women certainly have plenty of opportunity to experiment with the new looks

    Blonde Hair is the Trend