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The 2012 Trend Colour Is Beige Blonde

Taylor Swift Beige Blonde
Singer Taylor Swift's light blonde long hair is now beige blonde. What a terrific decision! The new colour is not only becoming but also trendy
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Let's raise our glasses to the new shades of champagne-coloured hair. Soft champagne blonde and beige blonde are the favourite hair fashion colours in 2012. Read below about the celebrities who already reached for the colouring brush

  • Platinum blonde was the fashion hair colour of 2011. The trend for the 2012 season is champagne blonde. Last year’s white-blonde is replaced by softer beige blonde and brilliant champagne blonde shades. This trend has its advantages. Dependent on the natural colour of your hair, much less bleaching is required. Of course, some but not quite as much bleaching is necessary to prepare the hair for the new shades of blonde.

  • Jessica Stam Wears Beige Blonde Hair
    Supermodel Jessica Stam's beige blonde hair complemented the fashion at the Anna Sui Show FS 2012 presentation
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    Fashion designers also embrace the softer shades of blonde. This was very apparent when they presented the 2012 spring and summer fashion at the Fashion Week. A group of elfin blondes with long flowing hair modelled Rodarte's girlish fashion. Their hair shimmered in beige blonde and cool champagne shades.

    Chief designer for the Calvin Klein fashion house Francisco Costa is known for creating clean minimalistic looks. This year, he chose models like Patricia van der Vliet und Hanne Gaby Odiele to show off his delicate creations. The beige blonde hair of these models highlights the impression of innocence in the designer's line.
    On the other side of the fashion spectrum, Anna Sui invited the onlookers to an excursion into the 1970s. Her beige blonde models presented colourful prints, blouses with bows and frills and a variety of accessories. We are not surprised that 'Miss Hippie Chic' engaged models like the 25-year old Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam who is currently very popular with designers and fashion houses. Her long beige blonde mane may have something to do with it.

    What is the difference between beige blonde and champagne blonde? Here is our answer:

  • Beige Blonde

    Beige blonde is close to the classical light to medium blonde hair colours with their natural lustre, silky appearance and medium pigmentation. Different from champagne blonde, beige blonde hair always shows a slightly golden tinge.
    Beige blonde hair, a slightly tanned complexion and green eyes are a particularly attractive combination.

  • Champagne Blonde

    Champagne blonde hair looks like very light naturally blonde hair. In contrast to beige blonde hair with its golden shimmer, champagne blonde hair has a cool sheen. Only few have such a light natural hair colour. Therefore, the hair must be bleached before it can be colour-treated. For champagne blonde hair you need a colour treatment with a cool rather than a golden finish. Champagne blonde hair looks particularly beautiful in combination with a light complexion and blue eyes.

    Please enjoy our gallery below. We show you stars wearing the trendy hair colours beige and champagne blonde.

  • Meet the Stars with Beige Blonde Hair

    Beige Blonde Amanda Seyfried

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    Amanda Seyfried

    Amanda Seyfried smiles despite her relationship troubles. We don't expect anything less from the star with her shining hair in the trendy colour beige blonde. The soft waves in her hair emphasise the innocent appearance. Amanda Seyfried is single again. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that suitors will soon line up at her doorsteps and express their admiration for her angelic looks

    Beige Blonde Emma Roberts

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    Emma Roberts

    According to our recollection, Emma Roberts used to be brunette until recently. Obviously, the 20-year old niece of actress Julia Roberts changed her hair colour to soft beige blonde. The new hair colour highlights her green eyes and light complexion. We like the fresh new look Emma!

    Champagne Blonde Jessica Stam

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    Jessica Stam

    Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam changed her platinum blonde hair to a warmer shade of champagne blonde. It may have been her reaction to the current freezing temperatures in her adopted home town of New York. The new warmer shade of her hair is very becoming because it is a perfect match for the model’s light golden complexion

    Champagne Blonde Nicole Richie

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    Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie, mother of two and ex-friend of hotel heiress Paris Hilton, first changed her hair colour from light blonde to brunette. Now, she had her hair colour changed to champagne blonde. Nicole Richie is celebrated as a style icon. Of course, she is slightly ahead of the trend

    Champagne Blonde Elizabeth Olsen

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    Elizabeth Olsen

    Look at these eyes, this mouth and this face! Is this one of the Olsen twins? Close! The lady in the photograph is the youngest sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Like her sisters, Elisabeth Olsen is an actress. The family resemblance is stunning! However, none of Elisabeth's sisters has the enchanting champagne blonde hair colour and the delightful hair style with tone-in-tone streaks. Starting on the 8th of March 2012, you can see Elisabeth Olsen in movie theatres in 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'

    Beige Blonde Christina Applegate

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    Christina Applegate

    It has been a year since Christina Applegate gave birth to her first child. Now, her daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble rather than her career takes centre stage in her life. Obviously, the focus on family has nothing but positive effects. The cameras loved her at the NBC Universal Winter Tour All Star Party in Pasadena (California). With her golden beige blonde hair and brilliant smile she upstaged everybody