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Dark Roots in Blonde Hair are Just a Style

Dark Roots in Blonde Hair
Being nonchalant about the hairstyle ‘rules’ of old can have beautiful results as actress Riley Keough (granddaughter of Elvis) convincingly demonstrates. The dark roots in her blonde beach waves look almost natural
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Are you playing with the idea of colouring your hair blonde but fear the frequent root touch-ups to hide the growing dark portion of your hair? There is no longer any reason to be concerned about dark roots. This concern is part of the past when dark roots were taboo and had to be hidden. Hiding is no longer necessary. In fact, dark roots in blonde hair are now accepted everywhere including gala events. Have a look at the blonde stars in our gallery who show a few versions of the look. We also offer a few styling tips, which will help you look sassy but well-groomed until the next hair colour treatment

  • Dark Roots in Blonde Hair
    Here you see Ashley Tisdalewondering whether she should touch up the dark roots in her blonde hair or colour the hair ends brown. For the time being, the dark roots in her long blonde hair add to her style.
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    The two-tone trend may have made dark roots in blonde hair acceptable. Not long ago, it was taboo to show hair near the roots, which had grown out in a different colour. At that time these ‘roots’ had to be touched up. This forced many women to colour their hair frequently. Today, the once taboo look may be considered the beginning of the trendy two-tone look. This ombré hair colour version will do nicely until the next hair colour treatment.

    Having a relaxed attitude about such minor issues as dark roots is certainly a good idea. Being uptight has no positive returns and limits creativity!

  • Dark Roots in Blonde Hair: From Taboo to Hairstyle Option

    Nowadays, women with dark roots in blonde hair may still be considered rebels. After all, they dare to ignore one of the old conventions, which are loaded with strict rules like ‘dark roots in blonde hair must be concealed from view’. Quite often the group of rebels grows into a minority group, which paves the way to general acceptance. It only takes a little patience. Taboos die hard. Women with dark hair near the roots and blonde hair at the ends are well on their way to oust a taboo. Even a few stars proudly wear their blonde hair with dark roots on the red carpet. Soft waves, beach waves, and sassy bob hairstyles (like Cameron Diaz wears it) are particularly suitable for the dark root look.

    How frequently you give hair near the roots a colour touch-up is now (almost) a matter of taste rather than a matter of trying to conceal what can’t really be concealed. Modern women are done complying with rules.

  • Tips for Styling Dark Roots in Blonde Hair

  • Dark Roots in Blonde Hair
    Ciaralooks stylish with the dark hair near the roots in her otherwise blonde hair. How is that possible? Here is the simple answer: There is not a hint of unkempt neglect
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    Have we convinced you yet? If you are ready to wear the incidental two-tone look or simply want to extend the period between hair colour treatments we have some helpful tips for you. Rebels still want to look their best.

    1. Incidental two-tone hair colouring looks particularly stylish in combination with beach waves and soft waves. Both are casual style elements, which enhance each other.

    2. Dark roots in blonde hair look casual rather than unkempt as long as the hair is healthy.

    3. The dark roots look better without a sharp transition from dark to light hair. Make sure that the transition between hair colours does not create discernible steps. Soft, irregular transitions are much more appealing.

    4. For everybody who is unsure about creating soft gradual colour transitions and about selecting the best suited hairstyle for the avant-garde look, there is a Schwarzkopf Professional Hairstylist right around the corner.

  • Of course, there is still the option to conceal dark roots by colouring them. You will find a large selection of root touch-up kits for use around the parting and wherever the root portion of the hair is visible. This extends the period between colouring your hair.