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Reverse Ombre: Blonde Hair with Darker Ends

Ombré Hair bei Blondinen
British model Poppy Delevingne is a trailblazer at heart. Small wonder she is one of the first to wear the new reverse ombre hair colour
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Two-tone hair colour remains popular. So far, mostly brunettes embraced the trend. Not to be left out, blondes now reverse the shading from light to darker ends. In our gallery, popular stars show attractive ombre colouring choices for blondes

  • Are you blonde and want to spice up your hair colour? Give reverse ombre hair colouring a try!

    In terms of colour, the word ombre refers to shading from light to dark, dark to light or from one colour to another. So far, mostly brunettes embraced hair colour transitions from dark to light. Now, blondes have joined the trend by colouring the hair ends in a darker shade. The transition to a darker shade usually starts at ear level.

  • Ombre Hair from Blonde to Darker Ends: Selecting Attractive Colour Transitions

  • Ombre Hair for Blondes: Kaley Cuoco
    Actress Kaley Cuoco coloured the ends of her beach blonde hair dark brown. The brown colour of the darker hair ends resembles her natural hair colour, which is visible near the roots
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    Your hair colour choices should always flatter your natural complexion. Dark brown combines well with every shade of blonde. For olive skin, hair colour transitions from blonde to fawn-brown, chestnut brown or shades of mahogany are exceptionally stylish. Red and coppery tones suit women with light complexions.

    Is your hair wheat blonde like the hair of ‘it girl’ Poppy Delevingne (see the first photo above)? If so, you may like to colour the ends of your hair reddish brown. The soft golden hue of Poppy’s hair softly transitions to shades of brown toward the hair ends.

  • Ombre Hair for Blondes: Kristin Cavallari
    Kristin Cavallari represents all the best qualities of California girls. She added captivating brown nuances to the ends of her honey-blonde hair
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    Kristin Cavallari’s complexion shows the healthy glow of days in the sun, and her eye colour is on the darker side. Her variation of the ombre look suits her natural colouring perfectly. The honey blonde hair near the roots transitions to brown toward the ends. Her hair is coloured darker close to her neck and shows only few darker accents in the covering hair. This gives her hair colour the natural appearance.

    For blondes who prefer brighter colours we recommend shades of blue, lilac, purple or pink for the hair ends.

  • Ombre Colouring for Blondes – A Few Colouring Tips

  • Ombré Hair bei Blondinen
    Jessie Malakouti added shades of lilac to the ends of her hair while Heidi Klum prefers streaks of hot pink in her hair ends
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    Colouring blonde hair requires a special touch and most importantly, adherence to the colouring directions. Otherwise, unintended hair colours may be the result.

    Ombre hair colouring appears particularly natural if the hair close to the roots already shows a darker natural colour (see Kaley Cuoco’s ombre hair). The hair ends should be coloured in shades, which resemble the natural hair colour.

    You can further accentuate your ‘reverse ombre’ hair colour by using sea salt spray. Generously apply the sea salt spray to the still damp hair after shampooing. Beach waves will automatically appear as your hair dries.

    Ombre hair colouring works best in combination with accurate middle parting and soft waves. Use extra-gloss hair spray to enhance the colour effects.

    Ombre hair appears particularly trendy with steep colour transition. Don’t be timid if you like to try the ombre look from light to dark or from dark to light.