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2012 Trend: Caramel-Coloured Hair

Caramel-coloured Hair
Actress Lauren Conrad ("The Hills") looks warm and alluring with her hair shimmering in the soft colour of espresso macchiato
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Caramel is the beautiful colour nuance between beige blonde and golden brown. The name spells rich sweetness and charm. Discover how the stars wear caramel-coloured hair, what hairstyles are enhanced by this colour, and what make-up best complements the shimmering warm caramel shades

  • The caramel hair colour is reminiscent of crème brulée, toffee and espresso macchiato. The colour is as sweet as caramel treats. Men love the rich shimmering hair colour nuance. Wear the trendy colour and your girl friends will be green with envy seeing how the colour entices the people around you. Does the rich gold tone intrigue you as well? We like to show you how to colour and wear your hair in sweet shades of caramel.

  • Best Suited Styles for Caramel-Coloured Hair

    Caramel is a soft colour and the most suitable hairstyles are therefore soft as well. All kinds of waves and curls are suitable for caramel-coloured hair. Lauren Conrad's finger waves enhance her caramel hair colour, Nicky Hilton combines the colour with brushed out corkscrew curls, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley opted for casual beach waves (see our gallery below). Loosely pinned updos and braided hairstyles bring out the natural characteristics of caramel colours. Less suitable are edgy haircuts and unisex or austere hair styles such as undercuts or geo haircuts.

  • Colouring Your Hair Caramel

    Use hair colouring lotion to change your hair to the desired caramel tone if your hair is light blonde to medium blonde.

  • Is Your Skin Colour Compatible with Caramel?

    Caramel-coloured hair is most suitable for people with light and pale complexions with a yellowish or golden tinge.

  • Matching the Make-up to Caramel-Coloured Hair

    With your face framed by the light golden shimmer of caramel hair, you should make good use of mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick to keep your face from looking too pale. Black mascara, black eyeliner, and lipstick in various shades of red give the face colour and contour. Providing your complexion is slightly tanned and therefore not too pale, you may like to try rosé lip gloss instead of red lipstick or use only natural make-up in nude tones like warm beige and light brown.

    Enjoy the styles of caramel-coloured hair in our gallery. We show you stars with caramel-coloured hair and various haircuts and make-up styles.

  • Gallery: Stars with Caramel-Coloured Hair

    Whitney Port with Caramel Hair

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    Caramel-Coloured Hair: Whitney Port

    Whitney Port shines with soft waves in warm tones of caramel. Her make-up is held in soft nude shades

    Nicky Hilton with Caramel Hair

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    Caramel-Coloured Hair: Nicky Hilton

    Nicky Hilton is just a tad less of a celebrity and she is just a little less blonde and less well known than her older sister Paris. Nicky opted for the natural caramel hair colour, middle parting, and well-defined waves for a very harmonious overall image


    Caramel-Coloured Hair: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    The shimmer of caramel-coloured waves accentuates Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s delicate face. The style and colour enhance her young and sexy appearance. The rosewood colour of her lips adds a sensuous note

    Léa Seydoux with Caramel Hair

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    Caramel-Coloured Hair: Léa Seydoux

    Actress Léa Seydoux’s loosely braided ponytail emphasises the natural flair of her caramel-coloured hair. She added strawberry red lipstick as a colour accent

    Sarah Jessica Parker with Caramel Hair

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    Caramel-Coloured Hair: Sarah Jessica Parker

    Beach waves and caramel-coloured hair are an unbeatable and a very youthful looking combination. Her make-up choices in nude colours are very savvy

    Miley Cyrus with Caramel Hair

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    Caramel-Coloured Hair: Miley Cyrus

    Caramel hair can look sweet or sassy. It all depends on your style. Miley Cyrus combined the sweet caramel hair colour with gorgeous waves and striking make-up, which included fiery red lips and black smokey eyes