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The 2012 Trend Hair Colour Is Light Brown

Light Brown Hair
Actress Sofía Vergara loves the golden glow in her light brown hair. The sophisticated shading of streaks adds interest and depth to her straight hair
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Stars are discovering the appeal of light brown hair tones. Actress Sofía Vergara demonstrates how appealing this colour can be. The golden honey tones are certainly appealing and there are plenty of shades to suit your taste and complexion

  • Nougat, espresso, café latte and many other subtle light brown colour variations are as multifaceted as the women who wear them. Golden brown is the favourite among the many brown shades because it looks so natural and alluring. The softness of the golden tones and the sun-drenched warmth add a feminine touch to light brown hair. It is hard not to fall for its fabulous attraction. That is great because golden brown is a timeless colour choice. You may want to discover your very own special shade of golden brown.

  • Who Looks Great Wearing Light Brown Hair?

    Warm brown shades best suit warm complexions. Olive or darker complexions with a yellow or golden tinge go particularly well with golden brown hair. Rosy complexions on the other hand are not a good match for light brown hair with golden hues.

  • Perfect Hair Styles for Light Brown Hair

    The golden shimmer of light brown hair is enhanced by softly flowing haircuts and styles with young and feminine elements. The options run the gamut from braided hair styles to shags. Light brown shades bring out the best in wavy and curly hair.

  • Perfect Make-up for Light Brown Hair

    Like always, make-up and hair colour must complement and enhance each other. Bronze, apricot or rosé eye shadow colours seamlessly fit golden brown hair in colour and style and so do rosé and brown lipstick colours. If you like more expressive make-up you may try a bright red lipstick combined with otherwise subtle makeup

  • How to Colour Your Hair Light Brown

    You may like to consider tinting your hair light brown to achieve the most dazzling lustre. Tinted hair keeps its colour for up to 15 shampoos. Use an intensive tinting application to change blonde hair to golden brown. These applications last up to 24 shampoos. You may also opt for a permanent colorant. Using hair care products for colour-treated hair keeps the colour vibrant for a longer time.

    Enjoy our gallery! The stars demonstrate how beautiful and alluring golden brown hair can be.

  • Gallery: Stars Wearing Light or Golden Brown Hair

    Helles Braun Sofía Vergara

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    Light Brown is Her Colour: Sofía Vergara

    The golden brown hair emphasises the alluring appeal and sensual looks of Sofía Vergara. The soft shimmering waves express all golden nuances of the light brown shades

    Helles Braun Rose Byrne

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    Rose Byrne Hit Her Style with Light Brown Hair

    The light brown hair lends warmth to Rose Byrne’s appearance. The fringes are swept to the side and softly curl inward. The hair falls in generous shiny waves

    Helles Braun Rose Byrne

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    Angelina Jolie Knows How to Wear Light Brown Hair

    Angelina Jolie discovered golden brown hair for herself years ago and did not waver from her excellent choice. She is a powerhouse of a woman and makes the colour look earthy. To add some pep to her style Angelina Jolie likes to wear bright red lipstick colours

    Helles Braun Kristen Stewart

    © Getty Images  

    Kristen Stewart with Casual Light Brown Hair

    What other colour but golden brown would fit this romantic hair style? There could not be a better colour for Kristin Stewart’s braided crown with casually escaping strands of hair. The bronze eye-shadow fits perfectly

    Helles Braun Kate Beckinsale

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    Kate Beckinsale Shines with a Wealth of Light Brown Hair

    Kate Beckinsale is not known for experimenting with extreme hair colours. What a great choice! The natural golden brown hair is just right for her complexion and brown eyes