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Trendlooks 2016

Nectra Colour

Nectra Colour, Schwarzkopf’s first caring hair colour infused with floral nectar and botanical oils for exceptional hair nutrition.

Nectra colour is a permanent, caring hair colour that will nurture your hair for rich, vibrant colours full of shine.  The ammonia-free formulation includes an optimized oil carrier system for intense and radiant colours, excellent grey coverage and well-nourished, glossy hair.

With a divine floral scent, the floral nectar delivers exceptional nutrition for added shine and care, resulting in up to 90% less hair breakage* and intensified colour.

Nectra Colour is a revolution in at-home hair colour products. Not only does it provide 100% grey coverage, what makes it really unique is the fact that it’s the next generation of caring oil with exceptional nutrition for the hair.  The results are intense colour and shine as well as exceptionally healthy hair from the inside out!

- Grant Withnell, National Technical Educator for Schwarzkopf.

Available in 12 shades.

*vs. untreated hair

  • You - A Declaration of Love by Schwarzkopf Nectra Colour

  • 1

    Nectra Colour 1-0


  • 2

    Nectra Colour 2-2

    Blue Black

  • 4

    Nectra Colour 4-0

    Dark Brown

  • 4-68

    Nectra Colour 4-68

    Chocolate Brown

  • 4-99

    Nectra Colour 4-99

    Dark Cherry

  • 5

    Nectra Colour 5-0

    Natural Brown

  • 5-68

    Nectra Colour 5-68

    Chestnut Brown

  • 6

    Nectar Colour 6-0

    Light Brown

  • 6-62

    Nectra Colour 6-62

    Nougat Brown

  • 6-68

    Nectra Colour 6-68


  • 6-88

    Nectra Colour 6-88

    Intense Red

  • 8-45

    Nectra Colour 8-45

    Praline Blonde