Schwarzkopf Professional
Trendlooks 2016

Nordic Blonde

Australia's #1 blonding brand

Nordic has the widest and most complete range of blonding and lightening products to achieve the result you are looking for, from shiny streaks to stunning blonde tones. Nordic is the first range from Schwarzkopf with Strengthening Complex to strengthen and care the hair while lightening.

  • L101_CoolMetallicLightenerSilverBlonde

    Nordic Blonde L101

    Cool Metallic Lightener Silver Blonde

  • G1_LighteningSpray

    Nordic Blonde Lightening Spray

    Lightening Spray

  • NORDIC-10-1-3D

    Nordic Blonde L1

    Extreme Lightener

  • NORDIC-L1++3D

    Nordic Blonde L1++

    Extreme Lightener

  • NORDIC-L1+3D-LGE-copy

    Nordic Blonde L1+

    Extreme Lightener


    Nordic Blonde M1

    Streaking Kit

  • NORDIC-10-1-3D

    Nordic Blonde 10.1

    Light Ash Blonde


    Nordic Blonde Toner

    Toner Tube