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  • Bleaching Originally Grey Hair

    Bleaching - Take Your Time!

    Wearing grey hair is a lifestyle statement. Women who have covered their greying hair for a while and now want to stop doing it have a pretty good idea about the time requirement for this change. The way back to colouring your hair is short should the new grey not be to your liking after all

    Bleaching Originally Grey Hair
  • colouring methods

    Have You Discovered Your First White Hair?

    Some discover their first white hair when they are 20; others are already 40 at the time. Naturally, you can simply ignore the white hairs but if you like to hide them you should learn about the newest hair colouring methods

    What to Do about the First Grey Hair
  • Hair colours for a 'younger' look

    ‘Young hair colour’?

    While a new hair colour cannot make us 20 years younger in an instance, some shades of hair colour flatter the complexion much more than others. A new hair colour will make you look younger only if it does not scream ‘artificial’ to everybody who looks at your hair

    Hair colours for a 'younger' look