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Red Hair: Teak and Mahogany

Redheads cannot hide – and why should they? Revel in the new shades for red hair. We show you what kind of care for colour-treated hair can keep the colour in your hair stay rich and luminous. In our colour consultation you learn how to turn red the stylish way.

  • Red Hair

    Strawberry or Mahogany Red?

    There are more shades of red hair colour than ever ranging from light strawberry red to deep mahogany. We introduce you to stars who are redheads. Find out what shade of red is right for you and your skin type

    Different Shades of Red
  • Caring for Red Hair

    The Proper Care for Red Hair

    Red hair is sensual and extravagant. This is true especially when it is properly maintained and shiny. We show you how to protect the sensitive pigments and how to use special products to regularly refresh your red hair colour. Your red hair will be stunningly beautiful

    Treat Your Red Hair to a Cure
  • Make-up for Redheads

    Make-up for Redheads

    Being a redhead comes with a special style and also with the need for well-balanced make-up. All make-up choices should be guided by the motto 'Less is more'. We like to help you create marvellous effects using just a few make-up colours

    Choices for Redheads Made Easy
  • Wearing Red Hair is a Mega Trend

    Red Alert!

    "I will no longer be ignored!" If this is your personal battle cry then you have probably fancied red hair for quite some time. Red hair stands out and redheads are dizzyingly sensual. This year, wearing red hair is also a fashion statement

    Wearing Red Hair is a Mega Trend
  • Colouring Your Hair Red

    Colouring Hair Red with Great Results

    Whether your red hair is extremely light, bold or dark mahogany, your hair will make a statement. Once you have decided to colour your hair red, you have the choice of different methods and many colour shades

    Join the trend, go red!
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