Schwarzkopf Professional
  • First Rate Care for Stressed Hair

    Split ends and dry hair call for emergency care. We know the way from stressed hair to stronger healthier hair. Stressed hair also needs protection

    First Aid for Stressed Hair
  • Giving Thin Hair Strength

    Thin hair needs a clever body builder. We reveal how you can give your hair more volume and new strength

    Tips for Thin Hair
  • Soothing a Sensitive Scalp

    Do you shed dandruff and have an itchy scalp? Chaos has taken over in your hair and on your scalp. Now is the time to sooth the sensitive scalp

    Strategies for the Sensible Scalp
  • Fatty Hair No More

    Oily hair is quick to go limb and takes all the fun out of styling your hair. We tell you how to re-establish equilibrium in your hair

    Tricks to Combat Fatty Hair
  • Tried and True Tips and Tricks

    Would you like to make your frizzy hair smoother? Have you screwed up your hair colour? Are there any tips and tricks for a hair style, which has been ruined by a hat or hood? Just what is the best way to use hair spray so that it does not weigh down the hair? Here you find all the best tricks and tips for even the hairiest problems

    Tips and Tricks for Tricky Cases