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Blot Away Your Fatty Hair

An oil crisis on your scalp sure can ruin your day. Shortly after shampooing your hair starts looking droopy and stringy. We help you decide whether your fatty hair is based on a medical problem or whether you get rid of it by changing your hair care programme. Our tips are guaranteed to help against fatty hair.

  • Wash your fatty hair often

    What can be done about fatty hair?

    Excessive sebum production is the cause for fatty hair. Is it a disease or just a cosmetic problem? Never mind, fatty hair is an aggravation. Get expert help for the proper cure

    Fatty hair care
  • Fatty Roots

    Fatty Scalp - Fatty Roots

    There is a thin line between super-shiny and fatty hair. This not precisely definable border can easily be crossed especially with straight hair. We like to help you out with some tips for those times when too much sebum has overwhelmed your hair style

    Blotting Paper Effects