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Power Treatments for Beautiful Hair

Power Treatment for Beautiful Hair
Would you like a little more? Hair treatments deliver extra care for beauty and shine
© George Doyle

We put our hair through a lot of stress and the weather is also not always kind to it. Hair is shampooed, coloured and styled before the sun, cold or humidity adds to the processing damage. We need to lend nature a helping hand to keep our hair beautiful after all that roughness. Hair treatments are the key words!

  • Regular hair treatments bring dull hair back to life. They provide hair with more volume and lustre, and suddenly the hair feels delightfully supple. The comb glides through it smoothly. You get ample rewards for a little care. Very potent active ingredients in hair treatments pamper hair with protein as well as with herbal and plant oils. New generation hair treatments contain liquid substances to rebuild the hair structure. These ingredients repair hair damage from the inside, fill fissures and also reduce split ends and hair breakage. Hair treatments also work wonders on the outer hair shaft. A whisper-fine film coats the hair cuticles, which are frequently out of their natural alignment due to rough handling and chemicals. Now the hair is ready for styling. No tangles are there to obstruct your efforts. Best of all is the amazing lustre after a hair treatment. Enjoy!

  • There is a Hair Treatment for all Hair Types

    There are all kinds of hair types with all sorts of problems. All need their very own special treatment. Modern hair treatments are therefore made to serve very specific purposes. Dry hair is replenished with moisture from cranberry extracts, Shea butter or coconut extract. Brittle hair and split ends require products with nourishing oils like Argan or Macadamia oil. Many hair treatments contain keratin to rebuild damaged hair.

  • Hair Treatments for Busy People

    Hair treatments must not necessarily remain in the hair for up to 20 minutes. Some only need to remain in the hair for one to three minutes before they are rinsed out. Even faster than quick treatments are leave-in hair treatments. Simply spray them into the towel-dry hair and leave them there to do their job until the next shampoo. Leave-in hair treatments contain less oil and are therefore also suitable for fine or thin hair.

  • Hair Treatments to Slow Down Colour Fading

    During shampooing the hair swells and the outer layer becomes more permeable. This allows pigments to escape. Therefore artificial hair colour fades a little during every shampoo. Colour rinses and semi-permanent colours fade especially fast. Hair treatments containing panthenol and apricot kernel oil prevent hair colour from fading particularly well. They coat the hair forming a thin protective layer. Pigments stay in place underneath this protective layer. Be sure to select a hair treatment with UV protectant. This provides an additional level of protection against fading and keeps the deep glow of rich colour in your hair.

    Tip: Never work hair treatments (cures) through wet hair but rather apply them to towel-dry hair. This allows the active ingredients to optimally penetrate into your hair. Heat helps the ingredients find the right spot in and around your hair. For best results you should therefore use a blow-dryer to shortly warm your hair. Then wrap your hair into a towel turban. Do you like visiting the sauna? Just before entering the sauna is the perfect time to apply the hair treatment.