Schwarzkopf Professional

Endow Your Thin Hair with Strength

Fine hair or hair loss - thin hair lacks mostly volume and strength. With the right strategies you can however get a grip on both problems. We arm you with hair care tips, which will really strengthen thin hair. In case of hair loss, we help you decide whether it is time for a visit to the dermatologist.

  • Volumising

    More Volume for Your Hair

    Almost everybody wants more hair. However, with a little expertise even people with fine straight hair can create beautiful hair styles. If you want a fuller looking head of hair you must abide by this hard and fast rule: Less (product) is more!

    Hair Volume – A Construction Project
  • Hair Loss

    Hair Loss Remedies

    Hair loss is a serious problem especially if you are the one who loses the hair. Here today, gone tomorrow. Thinning hair is not a laughing matter. Hair loss may have different causes and luckily, you can do something about it

    Hair Loss is no Reason to Panic!