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  • Bleaching Hair

    How to Bleach Your Hair

    This is the time; this is your summer to shine! Let your shiny blonde hair help you make this the summer of your life! Our tips and tricks are going to bring the brilliance of light and sun into your hair, and we haven’t left out the necessary care either

    The Lowdown on Bleaching Your Hair
  • Colouring Your Hair at Home

    Colour Your Hair Gorgeous at Home

    Now is the time to make an end of mongrel-blonde, mousy grey or nondescript brown hair. Home colour treatments bring about quick changes in hair colour, using them is as easy as pie and the brilliant results often take your breath away. We like to help you find the right colouring methods and tools

    Become an Expert at Home Colouring
  • Home-Made Streaks

    Home-Made Streaks

    Ready to switch the lights on in your hair? Before you dip your colouring brush into white blonde or flaming red, you may want to consider some streaks first. Streaks can run the gamut from almost unnoticeable to in-your-face striking. Best of all, you can streak your hair at home by yourself

    Ways to streak your hair!
  • Colour change properly done

    Colour change – where is the limit?

    No doubt, there are times when many of us want to go for total change. This however has its pitfalls. To keep you from going overboard we present you with our colouring rules

    Colour change properly done
  • Unevenly Dyed Hair

    What to Do about Unevenly Dyed Hair

    Have you dyed your hair, and it is now lighter close to the roots while the hair ends are too dark? Is your hair colour mottled? Wearing a hat is one solution. The other solution is using our tips to even out your hair colour and improve your self-esteem

    A Farewell to Mottled Hair Colour