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  • Hairstyles for Mature Women

    Hairstyles for Mature Women

    Not long ago, mature women were nudged into cutting their hair short. Today’s older women could not care less about such ‘rules’. Stars like Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer show soft and sexy hairstyles for women in their fifties and beyond

    Hairstyles for Women at 50-Plus
  • Rejuvenating Hairstyles

    Hairstyles for a Younger Look

    A sophisticated hairstyle goes a long way toward not looking your age. Actually, your haircut and hair colour should be your first consideration if you want to appear as fresh and young as you feel. Find out about the concealing optics of haircuts and hair colours and watch Armin Morbach's video tutorial to put the most popular hairstyle rejuvenation tricks into your arsenal

    Hairstyles for a Younger Look