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  • The Allure of Hair Style Trends

    Pixie, shag or ultra-long – curly, wavy or sleek, hair style trends are ten a penny. What is the one right hair style for you? We will give you the most beautiful answer to this existential question. Naturally, we also tell you how to perfectly create your boy cut, bob and more

    On to the hair style trends
  • These Tips will Do the Trick

    Hair often has a mind on its own. Fly-away hair, hair clinging flat to the scalp or the frizzies, our tips and tricks will help you get a handle on wilful hair. Take charge of your hair with round brush, blow-dryer and styling products! Finally, you will have the hair style of your dreams

    Tips and Tricks
  • Men Have Style Too: Level Heads

    Smooth and with gel or casually curled, which hair style is yours? Men’s hair allows for creative styles as well. Change is good. There is only one problem. There is a hair style jungle out there. Would you like to learn how to win the fight with your hair without spending hours strategizing in the bathroom? We want to help

    Going all out for men