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For Real Men: The Styling Guide

Rules are widely underrated. Sometimes, they even improve life. This is doubly true for styling your hair. Here you find ten very worthwhile styling rules for men’s hair. If you think you can do without rules, think again! Try them, and you never want to do without these rules again.

  • Men’s Hairstyles

    Men with Cool Hairstyles

    Sam Claflin’s cool hairstyle inspired many men. The British actor (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire) looks fashion-conscious but relaxed with his layered haircut and dark blonde streaks. The designer stubbles, suit and tie complete the polished but cool look. We explain how to create the style

    Creating the Cool Dandy Look
  • Elegant Hairstyles for Men

    Elegantly Groomed Guys

    Do you know how to style your hair for festive events? It can be as simple as stepping up your styling to create more elegance, more lustre, and more oomph. You may even decide to add a stylish wave. We show 'gala' hairstyles for guys and provide helpful styling tips

    Stylish Hairstyles for Men
  • Men with Quiffs

    Men with Quiffs

    Body plus lots of volume equals lots of attention—this formula works for hair styles with lots of volume, especially quiffs. We will show different looks for male stars like Bruno Mars and give a few styling tips

    Hair Styles With Volume For Men
  • Hairstyles for Men with Curls

    Men with Curls

    If nature has given you curly hair you may be one step ahead of the game of impressing with a full head of hair. Of course, you can always ‘correct’ nature in those matters. We provide you with a few styling tips, which bring out the best qualities of curly hair and help you keep that wild curly top in shape

    Tips for Men with Curly Hair
  • Men’s Hairstyles with Fringes

    Men’s Hairstyles with Fringes

    You may like to try out whether fringes are suitable for you. If they complement your face they may be a good way to vary your hairstyle. We show a few men’s hairstyles to demonstrate the different kinds, which may be short & straight, long & irregular, cut round or pointy or combine all these options

    Cool Men’s Hairstyles with Fringes
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