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Soft to Fancy: Wavy Bobs

Bob Hairstyle
Bobs run the gamut from casual to chic. Wavy bobs are perfect choices for many if not all occasions. Cameron Diaz (at a PR event) and Michelle (at a gala event) prove this point
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Bob variations with soft or well-defined waves are very popular. Bobs are suitable for work and fun, and dependent on the hairstyle and make-up, they may look casual or formal, elegant or soft. Cameron Diaz, Michelle Dockery and other stars show various bob styles, and we provide tips to help you style your perfect wavy bob

  • Bob hairstyles with soft waves are ideal for women who want to change from casual to elegant on the drop of a dime. Cameron Diaz for example may go surfing all day and attend a premiere in the evening. Her soft wavy bob quickly and easily adapts to both activities. The nonchalant and feminine bob hairstyle does not look overdone during everyday activities and not too casual for official or festive events. Michelle Dockery (see the photo above) shows that the bob is also suitable for gala events.

  • Styling Tips for Wavy Bobs

  • Back view of Cameron Diaz’ wavy bob
    Back view of Cameron Diaz’ wavy bob
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    It is easy to create wavy hair for a bob using a curling iron. Work mousse or curling mousse through your hair and roll wide individual strands of hair over the rod of a curling iron. Allow the curling iron to warm the strand of hair for a few seconds and release the newly formed curl. Merely pull these curls into place if you prefer well-defined curls for your bob. Otherwise, use a wide-toothed comb or brush to create soft casual waves or the undone version of the bob.

    By the way, soft wavy bobs may look slightly messy if only to hide the need for a trim. Hair wax (matte hair wax if you prefer) helps to define the curls and waves of a casually styled bob. Streaks make bobs look livelier.

  • Make-up for Wavy Bobs

  • Morena Baccarin's curly bob
    Morena Baccarin’s (‘Homeland’) curly bob is well suited for red-carpet events. The curls are well-defined and show brilliant shine. The focus is on her eyes with dark eye make-up
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    The natural nude look is well-suited for daytime activities like working, shopping, jogging or walking. Use black or brown mascara and colourless lip gloss for the daytime nude look. Alternatively, you may use soft rosé or brownish lip colours. In our photo, Cameron Diaz shows the bob and make-up version for business meetings or festive events. She selected pink lipstick, rosé blush, black mascara, and beige eye shadow. This make-up changes the look from casual to stylish. The make-up complements the wavy bob perfectly. The large earrings are a brilliant finishing touch.

    US American actress Morena Baccarin attended the 2013 Golden Globes Awards with her hair styled to a wavy bob. For this special event she gave her bob hairstyle an elegant note with well-defined curls, extra-gloss finish, and dramatic eye make-up.