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Styling Long Hair: Let Your Hair Down!

Styling Long Hair
Actress Rachel Bilson's long hair gets lighter toward the ends. This popular ombre colouring and the casual beach waves add a lot of interest to her hairstyle
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Wearing a chignon or ponytail tames long hair for an organised workaday look. However, it is fun to play up the beauty of your long hair every once in a while. Besides, you may look much nicer with shiny hair flowing over your shoulders. Long hair can be styled in many uncomplicated ways. We leave it to the stars to showcase beautiful styles for long hair. In our video, we demonstrate how to style long hair with creativity and skill

  • Long silky hair entices and feels soft to the touch. If men had their way women would wear their hair long and open for the sensual experience, which has been part of femininity through the ages. Women on the other hand like to make it harder to touch and feel their hair by gathering it into ponytails, chignons, and braids for the sake of convenience (or so they say). You may like to consider one of the many beautiful styles for long flowing hair instead. These very becoming styles soften your facial features and add to your feminine appeal.

    Remember to allow your long hair to freely cascade around your face and over your shoulders. You may also like to give our styling tips a try. Then go out and enjoy the response of the people around you.

  • Styling Tips for Long Hair

    Long hair needs a lot of care to look good. It is important to use the proper shampoo and hair care products before you style your hair. Hair care series for long hair are designed to meet these demands. Be sure to use conditioner after every shampoo.

    Even if you want to grow your hair longer still you should trim the hair ends regularly. This may feel like a sacrifice but will ultimately keep your hair healthy. Regular trimming also keeps split ends at bay.

    The ends of long hair tend to be dry and they therefore need a nourishing intensive treatment at least once a week. Split end fluids seal the sensitive hair ends and provide more bounce.

    Strands of long hair have a way of falling into your face especially when you want to do precision work. That can be irritating, to say the least. The simple solution involves pinning back these pesky strands.

    Always apply hairspray from a distance of at least 8 inches (about 20 cm) to ensure that your hair remains fluffy and can move freely.

    Don't forget the high-gloss hairspray as a final touch. Lustre is the single most attractive feature of hair.

  • Star stylist Armin Morbach shows step by step how to style your long hair. There is nothing complicated about his hairstyles for work and play.

    Welcome to our gallery! Our star parade offers images of stars with sleek long hair, wavy hair or glamorous curls. There is no end to the style variations for long hair.

  • Gallery: Stars Wearing their Hair Long

    Styling Long Hair: Kate Beckinsale

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    Styles for Long Hair: Kate Beckinsale

    The long gelled hair of models enhanced designer Miuccia Prada’s collection. Kate Beckinsale followed suit. The long ends of her hair are tightly curled.


    Styling: Use a curling iron to create glamour waves starting at about chin height. Then create a low straight side parting before pulling your hair behind the ears. Now you are ready to apply a generous amount of gel to the top part of your hair down to ear level

    Styling Long Hair: Sophie Monk

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    Styles for Long Hair: Sophie Monk

    The Australian young woman prefers to wear her hair open. Her smooth and shiny hair is parted in the middle.


    Styling: Straighten your hair strand by strand using a flat iron if you want to style your hair like Sophie Monk. It is simpler still to use a blow-dry kit, which straightens hair in two steps for up to ten shampoos. Apply a generous amount of high-gloss hairspray to turn heads with this hairstyle

    Styling Long Hair: Sandra Bullock

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    Styles for Long Hair: Sandra Bullock

    Sandra Bullock wears long sleek hair with extra thick fringes, which are cut in a smooth arc following the lines of her eyebrows. The hair ends are layered for a modern look.


    Styling: Blow-dry the long fringes while pulling them over a round brush. This gives the fringes more volume. The ends of the hair are kept straight with the help of a flat iron. Finally, enhance the look by applying some extra-gloss hairspray


    Styles for Long Hair: Lily Collins

    Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me! Actress Lily Collins wears her long hair in open waves. Many favour this wavy style for long hair.


    Styling: Use a curling iron to create long waves starting at ear level. The irregular wave forms make the look still more enchanting. Simply run your fingers through your hair a couple of times for this natural look. Applying some hairspray adds the final touch

    Styling Long Hair: Sofia Vergara

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    Styles for Long Hair: Sofia Vergara

    Sofia Vergara's long hair glows in rich brown shades. This look with middle parting is also suitable for festive events.


    Styling: Create a middle parting and sweep the side hair behind your ears. To create more bounce, blow-dry your hair while pulling it over a round brush. If you hair is naturally curly you may want to straighten it using a flat iron. Some extra-gloss hairspray adds glamour to the hairstyle

    Styling Long Hair: Lana Del Rey

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    Styles for Long Hair: Lana Del Rey

    Singer Lana Del Rey shows off her gorgeous hair. The natural beauty of her open flowing hair, the side-swept style and the glamour waves and curls are sure to capture the attention.


    Styling: Create a deep side parting before rolling the towel-dry hair onto large curlers. Warm the curlers using your blow dryer. Allow the hair to cool after it is dry. Then remove the curlers. Casually pull your hair over one shoulder.
    Tip: You may also roll your hair onto curlers in the evening and allow the hair to dry overnight