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Our Hair Style Tutorial – Your Grand Entrance

Hair styling tutorial for your grand entrance
Backstage, many hands create the newest styles. Not everybody has so much help! Never mind! Our hair styling tutorials require only two hands
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It is really vexing! There they are, the most amazing hair styles on the catwalks and on red carpets, but their fleeting appearances make it difficult to emulate the styles. We are going to make an end of this problem and show you a selection of the hottest hair styles. You are about to create the hair style of your dreams. Just follow our step-by-step instructions

  • Pony Frisuren
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  • How often have you set your mind on recreating those perfect hair styles just to give up in frustration? That hairdo in the mirror at home tends to mock our imagination. Where is the hair supposed to go, up and over here or underneath there? Well, it never wants to stay in place anyhow! Hair mayhem and frustration used to be the result – but not anymore!

  • You are now off to more successful horizons. Schwarzkopf is happy to present you with tutorials for the best hair styles of today’s stars and models. Our tutorials cover the most elegant updos, the most striking short haircuts and boy cuts, all the way to the tried and true classic hair styles. We show you catwalk and star photos in every category. Simply click through all the images and select the best style for you. We are going to show you how it is done. The tutorials show easy ways of recreating the styles and they are guaranteed free of highfalutin shop talk.

  • Hochsteckfrisuren

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  • Frisuren-Klassiker

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  • That leaves you spoilt for choice! Are you sure about recreating the newest catwalk style or would one of our timeless hair style classics give you this very personal edge and appeal?

    The ponytail has now taken its rightful place among the classic hair fashions and is no longer considered a make-shift solution for bad hair days. Ponytails are favourites because they are easy and fast to style. The best about ponytails is their versatility, the style practically adapts to any outfit and occasion. Did you like Gwyneth Paltrow’s sleek look or are you rather smitten with the wind-blown versions as featured by the models in the Proenza Schouler Spring Show 2011? There is a ponytail hairdo for every style!