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Hair Styles on the Fly: The Fastest Hair Styles to Find Anywhere

You have hit the snooze button once too often and while you gulp your morning cup of tea or coffee you now have to make quick decisions about the outfit you want to wear. Does that describe the hectic of your mornings? No doubt, spending a lot of time on your hair style is not in the cards. We therefore show you how to style your long, medium-long or short hair on the fly. If you need to revive your hair after a long night we have tips for you too. Ready? Go!

  • Are you a restless sleeper? If so, then you probably know the morning hair plight with unruly hair going in all directions as it pleases. This is particularly true for short and medium-long hair. As a very effective solution you can put a little blow-drying spray into your hair and brush your short hair against the grain. That will bring your hair back in shape. Four large Velcro rollers or heated rollers will help if your hair is at least chin long. Take thick strands of the upper hair layer and roll them up before giving them a short blast of warm air from the blow-dryer. Then let the rolled up hair cool, while you do something else like putting on your make-up.

    Restless sleepers with long hair may find it helpful to gather their hair in a ponytail high up on their heads before a night’s rest (but do not tie the ponytail too tightly). This allows you to rest peacefully and keeps your hair in line. Our suggestion is to use a small silk bandana to very loosely gather your hair in a ponytail rather than holding your hair together with a scrunchy. That prevents ugly pressure marks.

  • Eight Lightning Fast Hair Styling Solutions


    For Long Hair: Kate Beckinsale

    Kate Beckinsale’s hair style is even fit for the red carpet. Partition off the top portion of your hair and tease it ever so slightly. Then fold this portion of hair in half toward the back. Now add the lower and side portions of your hair to the folded hair portion and hold the hair together high on top of your head using a scrunchy. Slightly push up your hair and use some hair spray. All done!


    For Long Hair: Amandas Seyfried

    Nicely asymmetrical, nicely done and fast too: Amanda Seyfried’s hair stylist has teased her hair starting at ear level and then very loosely braided her hair. Her braid falls asymmetrically to one side and with the help of a little hair spray the top hair portion stays close to her head. You can easily do this yourself at home


    For Medium-Long Hair: Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie demonstrates the coronet for big city princesses. Twirl your hair on top of your head and form it into a knot, which then needs to be secured with a lot of hair pins. Pull out a few little side strands for a more casual and easy-going style. Small barrettes will hold shorter hair in the back of the neck. Use a little hairspray to give the hair style hold and lustre


    For Short Hair: Victoria Beckham

    Victoria Beckham’s boy cut with the long side fringes is dried using a blow-dryer. Use your fingers instead of a brush to style the hair. It is important to sweep the side hair closely behind your ear and keep it close to the scalp with a trace of gel wax


    For Short Hair: Winona Ryder

    Winona Ryder’s short hair dries in only a few minutes. To style the short hair rub a little pomade between your fingers before using them to shape your side fringes. Then work the remaining pomade on your hands through the short hair in the back of your head. Apply hairspray by spraying it upward underneath your hair. Finally, press the lower portion of the hair in your neck against the scalp. That creates a beautiful silhouette