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Naturally Looking Hairstyles

Naturally Looking Hairstyles
This naturally looking, somewhat romantic hairdo is twirled on both sides and loosely pinned up at the neckline. A few strands of hair in front are allowed to hang loosely to the sides
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Naturally looking hairstyles fit into our modern lifestyle. They are nonchalant, plain, and casual and most importantly, they are easy and quick to style. We hope the photos of plain and unpretentious hairstyles in our gallery inspire you to come up with a naturally looking version of your own favourite hairstyle

  • In today’s busy life, hairstyles must be simple and uncomplicated. Besides, simple designs are an expression of our times. Luckily, there are plenty of appealing simple hairstyles around. The most important feature is the ease of styling. Undone natural curls can be styled in seconds using nothing but your hands and few modern styling products. If you prefer to contain your hair (either because this is your preference or a professional requirement) you can twirl or braid your hair or create one of the many simple updos. All undone hairstyles are naturally tousled. Allow a few strands of hair to escape from otherwise organised updos, chignons or ponytails; even braids should lack just a bit of their straight perfection. Let the hair fall where they may and use your hands to casually push them into place. You can always upgrade the casual look using hair accessories if you feel that your hairstyle needs an element of personal expression.

  • Five Steps to a Naturally Looking Hairstyle

    The most important attribute of naturally looking hairstyles is their simplicity and the fact that little hinders the natural way your hair tends to frame your face. This means styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers remain cold and unused in their places. Your hands are the best styling tools for naturally looking hairstyles. Styling products should also be used sparingly. Use only unobtrusive styling aids. You may like to add a little shimmer to your hair.

    How to Create Naturally Looking Hairstyles:

    1. Shampoo your hair before combing it with a wide-toothed comb or brushing it.

    2. Allow your hair to air-dry.

    3. Distribute a little hair wax in the palms of your hands and then run your hands through your hair.

    4. Gather your hair in a casual ponytail or chignon if you don’t want it to fall the way it wants to fall.

    5. Use extra-gloss hairspray for shimmering hair.

    Tip: Naturally looking hair may also look matte. If you prefer the matte look use a styling paste for matte hair instead of hair wax and extra-gloss hairspray.

  • Make-up in soft earthy tones of beige, brown, and light rosé or a nude look best complements naturally looking hairstyles.

    We hope the photos of naturally looking hairstyles in our gallery inspire your creativity. You may come up with your own relaxed, cool, and very modern undone hairstyle version.

  • Gallery: Naturally Looking Hairstyles

    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: Bob with Alice Band

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    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: Bob with Alice Band

    This wavy short bob is as plain as it is beautiful. The thin Alice band adds character to this naturally looking hairstyle

    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: Felicity Jones

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    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: Loosely Gathered Ponytail

    Felicity Jones parted her hair in the middle and loosely gathered it into a ponytail. The long fringes were parted in the middle and swept to the sides. A few loose strands of hair playfully frame her face

    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: Cody Horn

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    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: The Classic Ponytail without Parting or Fringesinine style look even more natural

    Cody Horn used her fingers to smooth her hair back into a loosely gathered ponytail. Some escaped strands of hair play around her face and make this natural and very feminine style look even more natural

    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: Dianna Agron

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    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: Medium-Length Hair with Irregular Parting

    Dianna Agron masters the undone look! The parting is not straight and the hair over her forehead is casually swept to the side. She brushed her hair behind her ears but a few strands are allowed to casually fall without being brushed back. The ends of her medium-length blonde hair bend inward or outward the way they want to bend

    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: Emilia Clarke

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    Naturally Looking Hairstyles: The Wavy Eighties Look

    The hair over Emilia Clarke’s forehead is swept to one side against the direction in which her wavy dark hair would naturally fall. This is the best way to give this style element the needed bounce and volume. The soft and feminine hairstyle is reminiscent of the 1980s