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Spoilt for Choice: What Is Your 2012 Hair Style Going to Be?

Your 2012 Hair Style Choices
From the catwalk right to your home come the most gorgeous of the 2012 hair style trends
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Our selection of the currently trendiest hair styles come directly from the catwalks of this world. We went to the fashion capitals to have a look at the hottest 2012 hair styles and can't wait to share our impressions with you

  • Twice a year, the world's leading fashion designers present their newest collections on catwalks in London, Milan, Paris and New York. We call it 'Fashion Weeks' and they are all about style and styling. What are the new hits? What styles are outdated? What styles are definitely out of fashion, razor short or ultra-long? Is big hair or sleek elegance the new fashion? Should you try out soft waves or striking lines? The keyword for this year's big trend is definitely 'undone'. Rarely did we ever see so many models present themselves in such a deliberately casual style! All the elements of the new looks add up to the impression of effortless beauty. In our trend report, we show you what it takes to style your hair in the up and coming style.

  • 2012 Hair Styles – Fashion Survivors

    Last season's sleek look has come a long way. Wet effects are now part of the style. Sleek hair actually looks wet. Lanvin and Alexander Wang use this effect to create a style of austerity and distance. In other fashion houses as for example in the houses of Alberta Feretti and Max Mara, the sleek look turned grungy and is reminiscent of hair styles in the 1990s. Soft long curls as well as many ponytail and retro hair style versions are also among the surviving hair fashions.

  • The Coming 2012 Hair Styles

    Is it the left, the middle or maybe the right version? No, we are not talking about political opinions. We are wondering how hair is going to be parted in 2012. The 2012 hair styles are (almost) all about parting hair. Whether the hair is short or long, straight or curly, it must be properly parted. Other new hair styles in 2012 are chignon variations and styles, which pay homage to actress and style icon Sophia Loren.

  • 2012 Catwalk Hair Styles

    2012 Hair Style: The Root-to-Ends Wet Look

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    2012 Hair Style – The Wet Look

    This look brings back memories of grunge icon Kurt Cobain. In the Alexander Wang fashion show, this model parted her long hair in the middle and soaked it in gel to create this seemingly accidental wet look. From the ears down the hair simply falls naturally. Clearly visible are the darker roots and lighter hair ends. This adds interest to this 2012 wet look. It is absolutely essential to pay utmost attention to the rest of the styling to avoid looking unkempt rather than cool like a rock star. To create this extreme wet look you need gel and a lot more gel

    2012 Hair Style – The Undone Chignon

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    2012 Hair Style – The Stylish Chignon

    The traditional styles presented by the French fashion house Louis Vuitton combine two of the 2012 hair style elements. In the modern undone style the classical chignon certainly appears softer. A few strands casually escaping the updo are an essential part of the 2012 chignon. The intricate and playful yet elegant tiara adds contrast and glamour.

    Styling: Work styling mousse through the damp hair and blow-dry it with your hair hanging upside down. Slightly teasing your hair near the roots adds the necessary volume. Then gather your hair loosely in the back of your head, form a chignon and secure it with hair pins. Place an Alice band or tiara on your head if this is your style and apply some hair spray for hold. Pull a few strands out of the updo for a softer look. This look is simple and displays effortless style. It is the perfect hair style for every occasion from the work place to gala events

    2012 Hair Style – The Low Ponytail

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    2012 Hair Style – The Ponytail

    At the presentation of Ralph Lauren's newest collection the models float over the catwalk like delicate elfin in pastel outfits. The tautly gathered austere ponytails form a beautiful contrast to the lightness of their appearance. Different from the high ponytails of last season, the 2012 ponytails are gathered deeper in the back of the head, almost in the neck. The front part of ponytail hair styles may be parted in the middle or on either side.

    The new ponytail style works best if you use a flat iron to straighten you hair before tautly gathering it in the back using a scrunchy. Wrap a strand of hair around the scrunchy to hide it. Once you have gathered your hair to an orderly ponytail, run your wet hands over your scalp to keep unruly strands of hair down. Secure the hair style with hair spray

    2012 Hair Style – Long Generous Curls

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    2012 Hair Style – Soft Waves

    Generous, softly flowing curls were an often seen feature of 2012 hair styles on catwalks. The models of the French fashion designer Sonia Rykiel for example embraced this hair style.

    The luxurious, very feminine hair style can be easily achieved especially on the day after shampooing. Simply use dry shampoo if the root portion of your hair already turns fatty. Then apply some styling spray before rolling the lower half of your hair onto hot curlers. The larger the curlers are the more natural the curls will be. Apply a generous amount of hair spray just before you remove the still warm curlers. Run your fingers through your curls a few times for the finishing touch

    2012 Hair Style – Retro Updo

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    2012 Hair Style – The Retro Look

    The styles of times long past are now a well-loved and lasting fashion style. Today, the hair styles of models show all style elements from the roaring twenties to the swinging sixties. Diane von Fürstenberg ventured all the way back to the 1960s to create ladylike hairdos. Her airy updo is somewhat reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s hair style.

    Work some styling mousse through your damp hair to create this updo. Blow-dry your hair and start teasing it to your heart’s content. Teasing is important to keep your hair standing up and away from your scalp. Dependent on the length of your hair, secure individual strands of hair, a thick twisted strand of hair or a braid to the back of your head. Secure the updo using hair spray

    2012 Hair Style – The Loosely Gathered Banana

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    2012 Hair Style – Bananas Everywhere

    The Italian designers Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana were courageous enough to tackle recreating the hair style of the international actress and fashion icon Sophia Loren. The designers were inspired by the hair style Sophia Loren wore at the Milan Fashion Week. For this retro hair style, slightly wavy hair is loosely gathered into the classic banana updo. The look instantaneously catapulted us into the dolce vita atmosphere of the 1950s.

    Styling: Work volume mousse through your damp hair and allow it to air-dry. Do not brush your hair. Brushing would ruin the natural effect. Slightly tease the root portion of your hair and casually shape it. Loosely (!) gather your hair in the back of your head and twist it into a casual banana. Secure the updo with hair pins and blow-dry your hair. If required apply some hair spray for more hold