Schwarzkopf Professional

Hally Berry wears her short hair with sassy fringes

  • The Look:

    Halle Berry is well known ever since she appeared in James Bond movies. She newly interprets the classic pixie look by wearing her short hair casually with fringes. Her hair looks endearingly undone.

    You need a blow dryer, styling spray or mousse, hair wax or gel and hair spray.

  • Here is how it is done:

    1. Towel your hair dry and apply a little styling spray or mousse. Keep pulling some strands up while blow-drying your hair and directing the warm air stream toward the roots of your hair. This will help your hair point upward
    2. Put a film of hair wax or gel on your fingers and then use your fingers to twirl a few strands of hair on top of your head. Hair spray provides the necessary hold