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Mane, Bob or Pixie: Ways to Find Your Ideal Haircut

Nothing is more beautiful than long hair. A short haircut always makes people look younger. Women with thin hair cannot wear shags. Beware of buying into such stereotypes. They are often faulty generalisations

  • There is a tailor-made haircut for you, and it depends on your hair quality, hair structure and the shape of your face. Please use our compass to navigate through the hair style jungle. In case you want to hide flaws, we cover that topic as well and let you in on a few clever camouflage tricks.

  • 1. What hair cut for that hair?

    Curls can take on different looks and the same is true for straight hair. Every haircut should therefore be adapted to the hair and individual.

  • The Perfect Haircut

    Illustration: Kräftiges, krausses Haar

    © janotta  

    Haircuts for Strong Tightly Curled Hair

    Generally, the shorter the tight curls the harder they are to manage. This is due to the fact that short curls are particularly springy and therefore quite unruly. Longer hair falls heavier and the tight curls are a little less frizzy. In tightly curled hair the lack of bounce is an advantage for a change. In most cases, graduated covering hair works reasonably well for strong tight curls but geometric haircuts often appear too rigid and compact

    Illustration: Feines und glattes Haar

    © janotta  

    Haircuts for Fine Straight Hair

    If you have fine straight hair you should not even think of extremely feathered haircuts and thinned out ends. Blunt haircuts, geometrical cuts like a bob or boy cuts are great for this hair type. Graduated or stepped haircuts are alright but the covering hair should not be too short. Short haircuts like the one Michelle Williams wears are ideal if you have a lot of hair but the individual hairs are thin. A few highlights in the hair provide more volume. Creating these highlights leaves the hair cuticles just a little rougher and as a result the hair does not stick quite as much to the scalp

    Illustration: Dünnes und lockiges Haar

    © janotta  

    Haircuts for Thin Curly Hair

    Stepped haircuts are ideal for thin curly hair. The covering hair should not be cut too short. Otherwise, there will be tight curls on top of the head, while the ends of the hair appear almost straight. This hair structure is particularly suited for a super-short pixie haircut. With the wavy hair structure the very short hair looks less austere or porcupine-like. It is important that the hair stylist adapts the haircut to the run of the waves and curls

    Illustration: Feines und glattes Haar

    © janotta  

    Haircuts for Thick Straight Hair

    Thick hair is an enviable asset. However, with a blunt and very straight haircut thick hair takes on the appearance of a compact helmet. Thick hair looks better with haircuts, which make the hair look lighter. Steps throughout the hair reduce the impression of heaviness. There should however be harmonious connections between the different steps of graduated haircuts. Moderate undercuts (double cuts) also create an airier impression. In this type of haircut, the hair underneath the long covering hair is cut relatively short. Quite often, fringes look great, unless they are too long and heavy