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2. Suitable Haircuts for Every Face Shape

Not everybody has an ideal oval face. However, we all can use tricks to prevent round faces from looking like the full moon and to make sure that angular heads do not mutate toward the shrew

  • The Perfect Haircut

    Haarschnitt eckige Gesichtsform

    © janotta  

    Angular Faces

    Angular faces call for a soft contrast. Fringes and steps provide the face with a soft frame. Style elements, which emphasise angular facial structures like haircuts with hard edges or very precisely cut fringes, are not suitable. Stepped side fringes work much better for this facial shape

    Haarschnitt ovale Gesichtsform

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    Oval Faces

    We congratulate you to this optimal face shape. Almost any desired haircut is suitable for you. A middle parting is ideal for small oval faces because it creates an illusion of more width. Fringes should not be razor-short to avoid emphasising the oblong shape of the head

    Haarschnitt herzförmige Gesichtsform

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    Heart-Shaped Faces

    Make sure that your hair has volume at chin level. You can achieve this with curls, waves or fringes. The hair may have volume near the roots but at ear level the haircut should be narrow. A bob with fringed ends below chin-level could be a good solution

    Haarschnitt runde Gesichtsform

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    Round Faces

    Do not consider parting your hair in the middle. Geometric haircuts also do not work for round faces. Both the parting and the rigid haircut would needlessly emphasise the fullness of the face. Longer, at least shoulder-length graduated haircuts with a soft side parting or side fringes are better. Ample hair volume on top of the head gives the head the needed longer appearance