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3. These Haircuts Conceal Small Flaws

Perfect faces have one thing in common, they are boring. However, almost everybody has small flaws and likes to conceal them. Simply put an invisibility cloak around the offending flaws

  • These Haircuts Conceal Small Flaws

    Illustration: Hohe Stirn

    © janotta  

    High Forehead

    Long fringes conceal this small flaw perfectly. You should not comb all the hair out of your face in a severe hairdo

    Illustration: Niedrige Stirn

    © janotta  

    Low Forehead

    Long hair should be slightly teased and pulled back into a ponytail or braid. Use gel or styling crème to comb short hair back. If you do not like to wear your hair pulled away from your forehead you can use long stepped side fringes to play down the low forehead

    Illustration: Lange und/oder große Nase

    © janotta  

    Long or/and Big Nose

    A side parting tends to draw the attention away from a large or prominent nose. Geometric haircuts like a bob with short fringes also work well for that purpose. People will look at the hair and the eyes rather than the nose

    Illustration: Fliehendes Kinn

    © janotta  

    Receding Chin

    Do not wear short hair, updos or a ponytail. These hairdos draw attention to the chin especially in profile view. Especially suitable are longer graduated haircuts as well as more than chin-length bobs