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Proenza Schouler: Casually Pinned Up Hair

Proenza Schouler

The Look:

This style is simple! In the early morning rush you may even forget about using a comb. This is the messy hair updo. The ease of creating this style is an obvious advantage. The style works equally well for straight and curly hair.

You need these tools:

teasing comb, hair spray, hair pins and scrunchy

  • This is how you create the style:

    1. To give the hair style the needed volume and to create the desired disorganised look you should first slightly tease the ends of your hair and then maintain the messy look with some hair spray
    2. With the exception of two broad strands on the side of your head, loosely gather your hair in the neck using a scrunchy. Loop the gathered hair around the scrunchy and keep pinning the hair loosely around the scrunchy
    3. Now pull the loose hair strands on the sides of your head around the knot and pin them in the disorganised way of this hair style
    4. Pull a few strands of hair near the sides of your face out of the bun in your neck and tease those strands slightly. Done!