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  • Beach Waves and other Cool Summer Styles

    Cool Beach Waves on Hot Days

    Beach waves are arguably the coolest way of wearing wavy hair. This summer, the casual waves are more popular than ever. We show you cool hairstyles for hours of fun in the great outdoors, at the beach, in the mountains or the garden party in the backyard

    Hairstyles for the Great Outdoors
  • Hairstyles for Kids

    Hairstyles for Kids

    Children need to like their hairstyles, and the styling must be quick and uncomplicated. Kid’s hairstyles should also last through playing and roughhousing. The best horseplay-compatible choice for boys is a haircut, which is not much longer than a crew cut. There are definitely more styling choices for girls

    Hairstyles for Boys and Girls
  • Sixties Hairstyles

    Sixties Hairstyles

    Big hair is back in style! Teased updos in the hot 1960s style are all the rage in 2013. This time around, voluminous updos do not require combinations of artful design and magic skills. Our step-by-step instructions make it easy to create impressive large-volume updos

    Updos from the Swinging Sixties
  • Hairstyle plus Glasses

    Hairstyle plus Glasses

    Glasses can be fashion statements and head-turners. Turn your vision problem into an opportunity to develop your own style! See how well-chosen glasses together with cleverly styled hair add up to a distinctive style. We show how hairstyles and glasses combine to distinctive, unique styles

    Bright Combinations
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