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2013 Hairstyles: A New Year – a New Style

2013 Hairstyles: Dita von Teese
Dita von Teese wears her chignon sideways above her forehead like a sailor's cap. Use a hair donut if you don't have enough hair for the large chignon
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Do you feel adventurous? If your answer is 'Yes' (with a capital Y), you may like to wear a large chignon sideways like a sailor’s cap, two colourful braids, big or kinky hair. For all you adventurous and edgy fashionados, we have some unusual, not yet established hairstyles for you to try. See how models and stars wear these new styles, which may seem slightly eccentric for now

  • "What is my style? Do I want to change my style this year?" These questions are commonplace around the change of years. Just for the moments around the count-down to the New Year, the chance for a new beginning seems right within our grasp. It is the time for change and resolutions. You may vow to re-invent your style and especially your hairstyle. Once you are in a re-inventing mood, you may not want to stop at planning a new hairstyle, but rather make the step to an exceptional, edgy one. This is where we come in. We like to share our hair design ideas with you.

  • 2013 Hairstyles: Try Something New for a Change

    One chignon is fine, two chignons are better! There is no reason not to wear more than one chignon. There is plenty of room for chignons on the crown of the head and in the back of the head.

    Braids: Never forget this beautiful option! Braided hairstyle elements can be part of many different hairdos. Braids add new dimensions to established hairstyles. Besides, there are many braiding styles like French or herringbone braids.  

    Experimentation with Shapes: Ponytails may be twisted, twirled or segmented with scrunchies. Chignons can be shaped in different ways with and without space in the centre.

    Streaks: Colourful streaks add highlights to any hairstyle. Use hair chalk or hair mascara if you just like to try the look for a few hours. If you like the look, you can always switch to permanent hair colour.

    Hair Jewellery: Hair jewellery is often the defining feature of a hairstyle. This applies in particular if the hairstyle is plain but for the jewellery.

    The hairstyle photos in our gallery demonstrate how to apply these suggestions.


  • Gallery: 2013 Hairstyle – Adventure in Hairstyles

    2013 Hairstyles: Two Braided Chignons

    © Getty Images  

    2013 Hairstyles: Two Braided Chignons

    We saw this school girl style at a spring/summer fashion show during the 2013 London Fashion Week.

    Styling: Create an untidy middle parting and two braids, one on either side. Then twist each braid into a chignon. Secure the chignon using a scrunchy and/or bobby pins. A little hair wax prevents fly-away hair

    2013 Hairstyles: Tawfik Mounayer

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    2013 Hairstyles: Two Coloured Parallel Braids

    This model for Tawfik Mounayer fashions introduced this sleek look with colourful braids during the New York Fashion Week for the spring/summer of 2013.

    Styling: Create a middle parting and partition off one approximately 1 ¼-inch wide strand of hair to the right and to the left of the middle parting. French-braid each of these two strands and secure the combined braids with a scrunchy in the upper back of the head. Use hair gel to smoothen the side hair. Interesting colour effects are then added to the braids using colour powder

    2013 Hairstyles: Michael Kors

    © Getty Images  

    2013 Hairstyles: The Ponytail-Chignon Combination

    Michael Kors introduced this look at a 2013 spring/summer fashion show.

    Styling: Smoothly comb your hair back and gather it in a low ponytail. Partition the ponytail with thin scrunchies and loop it around. Pull the end of the ponytail over its base and secure the ends underneath the ponytail base

    2013 Hairstyles: Michael Kors

    © Getty Images  

    2013 Hairstyles: Hairgrip

    Michael Kors introduced this look to us as well.

    Styling: Use a straightening shampoo to wash your hair. Then straighten the hair again using a flat iron. Alternatively, you could use a straightening blow-drying kit (we explain below how to use such a kit; see ‘Three Methods to Straighten Hair’). Lift the covering hair in the back before placing the still open hairgrip. Allow the covering hair to fall over the lower part of the hairgrip. Straighten the hair before closing the hairgrip

    2013 Hairstyles: Oscar De La Renta

    © Getty Images  

    2013 Hairstyles: Colourful Streaks

    The models for Oscar de la Renta displayed hair volume and colour at the spring/summer fashion shows in New York.

    Styling: Colour a few strands of covering hair using brightly coloured hair mascara. Then create lots of volume and style a banana updo. (You find instructions for styling a banana updo below.) The hairdo looks best if it is a bit messy

    2013 Hairstyles: Cher

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    2013 Hairstyles: Kinky Hair

    Cher wears her big hair as nature intended it.

    Styling: Brush your hair after shampooing. A middle parting gives the hairstyle definition. The hair over the forehead is pulled forward and to the side