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Hair Styles that Get You Noticed

Hair Styles for Special Moments
Anna Sui shows off her glamorous retro waves

On Valentine's Day, the first date or at your wedding you want to look especially alluring. Wearing your hair in an appealing style with seductive curls, irresistible lustre or glamorous accessories goes a long way toward looking feminine. We like to show you how to style your hair for a special occasion to please your sweetheart

  • Looking good is not good enough for your special day. You want to be enchanting, alluring and mystifying all at the same time on the day, which will live for ever in the memories of you and your man. Use all the tricks in your arsenal! Your sweetheart does not want to know how you create the special allure. He just can't get enough of it. Maybe you find yet another one of those little tricks to make you look special or remember old ones. Enjoy our excursion into special styles for special days below.

  • Hair Styles for Special Moments: Seductive Curls

    Large flowing curls epitomise alluring feminine hair styles. Men are captivated by large waves softly swinging around female faces with every movement. The curls may be wild like Leona Lewis wears them or tame in the now very trendy 1940s retro look. If your hair is naturally straight you can easily create beautiful curls using rollers or a curling iron. You find styling details in our gallery below.

  • Hair Styles for Special Moments: The Sleek Look

    If your style is more on the cool and austere side you may choose a sleek look. For shorter sleek looks (e.g. a pixie or bob) the covering hair on top and the side hair are combed tight to the scalp with the help of some gel. Long hair is straightened using a flat iron so that it falls straight over the shoulders. In case your hair is long enough, you may like to comb your hair back in an austere style and gather it in the back to a straight ponytail. For hair reaching beyond the shoulder we recommend the high traditional ponytail for a particularly alluring style.

  • Lustre for Alluring Hair Styles

    Your hair needs to show a healthy glow to be attractive whether it is straight or curly. For an especially alluring hair style and healthy looking shiny hair you should apply a rinse or spray for extra gloss.

  • Hair Styles for Special Moments: The Undone Look

    Hair does not have to be perfectly styled and elegant to make you look feminine and appealing. A youthful messy ponytail and some strands of hair casually falling into your face can be just as appealing and inspire your sweetheart to softly brush the hair out of your face.

  • Hair Styles for Special Moments: Side-Swept Hair

    Women with long hair can simply brush or pull their hair over one shoulder to indirectly invite their partners to kiss the side not covered by hair.

  • Use Hair Accessories for Extra Glamour

    Hair accessories add a festive note to your hair in seconds. You have the choice among many types of Alice bands, adorned hair slides and feathers. Pretty hair accessories create a playful feminine impression. They give your hair style the special touch especially if you rarely wear such adornments.

  • Surprise Him with a Different Look

    The ideal hair style for that special day is different from your regular style and gives you that great elated feeling of femininity. Surprise him with a new look. It is best to save elaborate artful braids, twists or updos for another occasion. He may not dare touching the work of art and risk ruining your hairdo. After all, he wants this to be your perfect day too.

    In our gallery, we show you stars and models who present seven hair styles for the special day with your sweetheart. Of course, we tell you step by step how to create those hairdos.

  • Alluring Hair Styles and How to Create them

    Hillary Duff Wearing Soft Feminine Hair Style

    © Getty Images  

    A Wealth of Soft Casual Curls

    Hillary Duff shows how attractive a casual hair style can be. The stylish Alice band helps to control the volume on the top back of her head as well as the generous waves falling softly over her shoulders.

    Styling: After shampooing, work some volumising mousse through your hair and blow-dry it while hanging your head upside down. Apply a small amount of hair spray to strands of your hair on the crown of your head before teasing them. Roll your hair up to ear-level on large-diameter curlers or use a large-diameter curling iron to create large waves. Expose the rolled up hair to a warm stream of blow-dryer air and allow the hair to cool. Now remove the curlers and brush your hair. Pin the top and side layers of your hair to a loosely held ponytail and allow the hair to drop over your shoulders. Rub a trace of wax between your fingers and use them to accentuate a few strands. Apply some hair spray to make the soft feminine look perfect.


    Glamorous and Alluring

    Anna Sui wears her glamorous waves in the trendy 1940s style. For a hair style just like hers you should have at least shoulder-length hair.

    Styling: After shampooing apply a small amount of styling mousse to your hair. Then part your hair low on one side. Blow-dry your towel-dry hair over a round brush until it is only slightly damp. Now roll your hair on large-diameter curlers and warm the rolled up hair using your blow-dryer. Allow the hair to cool completely before removing the curlers. Do not brush your hair but rather pull it into shape using your fingers. Apply some extra-gloss hair spray to complete the look.

    Kim Kardashian Wearing Soft Feminine Hair Style

    © Getty Images  

    The Glamorous and Very Feminine Retro Style

    Kim Kardashian shows the glamour of thick long waves in the 1940s style. She has pushed her hair behind the ear on the side where she parted her hair. For an even more alluring look the hair is pulled back on one side to expose her neck

    Donna Karan: Soft Feminine Hair Style


    The Sleek and Playful Ponytail

    Donna Karan's ponytail is sleek and cool. This style requires hair long enough for a ponytail. You can wear this playful young-looking style with or without parting and also with or without fringes.

    Styling: For the sleek look best use a straightening shampoo and conditioner. Use an anti-frizz serum if your hair is naturally curly. Don’t allow your hair to air-dry but rather blow-dry it over a round brush before completely straightening it using a flat iron. Alternatively, you could use a blow-dryer kit, which straightens curls, waves or frizz for up to ten shampoos. Simply apply the straightening serum to the towel-dry hair before using a comb to pull it straight. Rinse out the straightening solution after 20 minutes. Then apply the sealing lotion and allow it to work for ten minutes. While the sealing lotion works you should comb your hair straight once or twice.

    Once your hair is straight comb it back tight to your scalp and bind it to an austere high ponytail. High ponytails look particularly feminine and playful. Wrap the base of the ponytail with a mash or leather band and use extra-gloss hair spray for the finishing touch


    Elegant yet Feminine Sleek Long Hair

    Actress Leighton Meester ('Gossip Girl') wears her hair straight and smooth for a plain but fascinating look.

    Styling: Apply heat protectant to your hair and blow-dry it while using a round brush. Then pull your hair through a flat iron and apply some extra-gloss hair spray. It’s your time to shine!

    Leona Lewis Wearing Soft Feminine Hair Style

    © Getty Images  

    Wild Curls

    Not every woman can call gorgeous natural curls her own like Leona Lewis. Don't worry, that is why curlers and curling irons exist.


    Styling: Apply volumising mousse after shampooing. Then blow-dry your hair while hanging your head upside down. Take very thin strands of hair and roll them on curlers or on a curling iron. The strands must be very thin to create the extra volume of rich curls. The curls fall softer if you brush your hair after removing the curlers. Accentuate individual strands of hair using wax before you apply hair spray for a final touch

    Louis Vuitton: Soft Feminine Hair Style


    Playful and Young Looking Ponytail with Alice Band

    Louis Vuitton looks very alluring with her slightly tousled but very feminine ponytail with the rhinestone-studded Alice band. This is a very sweet young look.


    Styling: Shampoo your hair and apply heat protectant. Then blow-dry your hair while using a paddle brush or pulling your fingers through your hair. Brush your hair as soon as it is dry and gather it to a ponytail. Put a trace of styling wax on your fingers and run your fingers through your hair from your forehead to the ponytail to loosen some strands of hair. Pull out a thin strand of hair near your ears before fixing the hair style using hair spray. Finally add the Alice band to your hair style

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