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Everybody Loves the Bob!

The bob always looks great, is convenient, easy to maintain and definitely in style. No, we are not talking about the perfect spouse but about the arguably most casual hair style on this planet. The bob haircut can’t be beat!

  • It all started in the 1920s. Women around the globe were fed up with the demands of stereotypical 'femininity'. In a first wave of deliberate non-conformance women cut their long hair short if only because it was considered ‘unwomanly’ at the time. Ideally, the hair was cut off at earlobe level. Add to this accurately cut straight fringes and you have the prototype of the bob. In those early days, the bob was more likely called 'garcon cut', i.e. 'boy cut'. Of course, short hair does not necessarily take the feminine charm out of a woman as many stars and icons of that time demonstrated, among them fashion icon Coco Chanel und the silent movie star Louise Brooks. Both made a splash as well as a statement with their style – and they did not give up one scintilla of their femininity.

    Good things can’t be suppressed for long. In the 1960s the bob did not just come back in style but soon dominated the scene. That was easy to understand. Women in the 1960s spent a lot of time and effort giving their water waves just the right orderly look. By contrast, the bob did not make such excessive demands on the women who dared wearing it. The bob was easy to style, easy to maintain and did not require elaborate techniques.

  • Designers and Stars Love the Bob Haircut

    To this day, ease of wear is one of the bob’s best and most appreciated features. Clare Waight Keller, designer for the fashion house Chloé, had the models wear the trendy bob haircut to complement the 2012 spring/summer collection, to name just one of many designers. Many celebrities followed in her footsteps. Women are still eager to hand in their long hair for the more convenient half-long or even short bob haircut. Among them are well-known personalities like actress Keira Knightley who likes to combine her bob haircut with soft waves. Agyness Deyn uses the bob haircut as a stylish solution for the transition from her previous boy cut. Of course, Anna Wintour’s classic bob haircut almost belongs to her personality.

    The bob’s best feature is that it flatters every woman whether her hair is straight, wavy or curly. There are many good things to be said about the bob. You may not like the original straight haircut with the chin-long hair and the straight fringes. Not to worry, different from the 1960s, there are now many bob haircut variations. You may decide to vary the length or layer your hair. Aside from the classic bob, there are now also long, short and layered bobs with or without fringes, or with straight or unevenly cut fringes.

    Below, you find images of stars wearing a bob haircut and some styling tips. We hope you enjoy our gallery!

  • Stars Wearing Bob Haircuts


    Keira Knightley's Bob Haircut

    Actress Keira Knightley likes romantic hair styles with soft waves. After shampooing her hair, she worked an about tangerine-sized dollop of curling mousse through the longer front portion of her hair. She then blow-dried her hair before using her fingers or a wide-toothed comb to shape her hair. If your hair is not naturally wavy, simply put some medium-sized rollers into your damp hair before blow-drying them. Wait until your hair is completely cool before you carefully remove the rollers. Use your fingers to pull your hair into the desired shape


    Cate Blanchett's Bob Haircut

    For years, Cate Blanchet wears her chin-long bob with the slightly shorter fringes, which fall sideways over her right cheek. She has found her perfect hair style. The bob flatters her and she always looks well-groomed. Styling this version of the bob is very simple: After shampooing, work a small dollop of styling mousse through your hair. Then blow-dry your hair while pulling it over a large round brush. This gives hair volume and bounce.


    Erin O'Connor's Bob Haircut

    British top model Erin O'Connor is known for her fashionable short hair styles. Recently however, the 33-year old model changed from razor-short hair to a sassy chin-long bob with slightly layered side hair. This not only enhances the profile of her head but also draws attention to her striking facial features. By the way, fashion tsar Karl Lagerfeld called her “one of the world’s best models”. An accurate haircut is essential for this hair style, which needs to be trimmed every four to six weeks. The daily styling is quite simple. After shampooing, blow-dry your hair while pulling it through a paddle brush. Then distribute an about pea-sized amount of wax in the palms of your hands before gently stroking them over your hair. This adds an appealing lustre to your hair.


    Peaches Geldof's Bob Haircut

    It-girl Peaches Geldof life is about to change. Recently, the 22-year old had her spokesperson announce that she was having a baby with her lover, S.C.U.M. singer Thomas Cohen. At about the same time, she decided to cut her long mane and wear a chin-long bob instead. She looks great with the bob. Besides, the shorter hair is easier to style and maintain. To style your hair like Peaches’ you only need volumising mousse, large rollers and a blow-dryer. After shampooing, work the volumising mousse into the towel-dry hair. Blow-dry your hair but stop while it is still damp. Roll your hair strand by strand onto large curlers before blow-drying it. Wait until the hair is cool before you carefully remove the curlers. Use your fingers to shape your hair while hanging your head upside down. For even more volume you should apply a small amount of hair spray to the hair near the roots. This gives hair additional bounce.


    Agyness Deyn's Bob Haircut

    In 2007, style icon and top model Agyness Deyn dazzled the (fashion) world with her boy haircut. Millions of women followed her example and bid farewell to their long hair in favour of a trendy short haircut. Now, five years later, Agyness Deyn’s platinum blonde hair is chin-long. Once again, fashion-conscious people everywhere are thrilled. Agyness Deyn’s casual bob with the slanted long fringes does not only look cool, it is also a great fashion choice. Her hair style not only works for gala events but also for long nights on the dance floor. Her hair style requires nothing but a blow-dryer, a large-diameter round brush and an anti-frizz lotion to prevent unwanted curls and keep the hair supple. After shampooing, apply the anti-frizz lotion to your hair and comb it as usual. Then blow-dry your hair while pulling it over a large-diameter round brush. You may like to apply some hair spray to keep the hair in place for long hours of fun.


    Anna Wintour's Bob Haircut

    Anna Wintour, fashion diva and editor-in-chief of the US magazine ‘Vogue’, wears the classic version of the bob. Her hair is cut bluntly to chin-length, the fringes do not quite reach the eyebrows, and they are cut as straight as the rest of her hair. For her perfect bob Anna Wintour relies on her famous London hair stylist Charlie Chan. His clients call him “the man with the miracle shears”. Years ago, he cut Anna Wintour’s bob and has not been able to talk her into changing this hair style ever since. Anna Wintour likes the bob and wants to keep it. She’s got taste! The hair style is a perfect choice for her filigree facial structure. Hair needs to be shiny and straight for Anna Wintour’s hair style. If your hair is naturally curly you would have to use a flat iron to straighten it. Apply some hair spray for extra gloss and hold. Tip: This hair style looks classy if you turn the hair ends slightly inward. This is best done using a curling iron only near the ends.

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