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Kids with Cool Hair

Hairstyles for Kids
A chignon on each side and the short precisely cut fringes look pretty. This hairstyle is easy to style and ready for play time
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If your kid is older than three years of age a cool hairstyle is a must. Of course, children’s hair must also be easy to style and ready for horse play, roughhousing and also for school. Short haircuts are the practical parent’s choice for boys. Girls are usually given a few more hairstyle choices than boys

  • Many girls look to their mothers, older sisters, girlfriends or cousins for their hairstyle preferences. The hairstyle, mom’s purple nail polish, the neighbour’s colourful shirt or the best friend’s ballerina shoes are the outward signs of almost being a grownup or at least cool. Nobody works harder on being an adult than children. To look the part, they take most of their clues from the adults around them.

  • Sweet Hairstyles for Girls

    All pretty and practical hairstyles are suitable for girls. Braided or twirled hairstyles, semi-updos, and the currently popular bobs and mock bobs are a few of the choices. Not to be left out in this list are stylish short hairstyles. Most girls show their hairstyle preferences quite early. Mom better graduate as hair stylist as quickly as possible! Here is the class schedule with projects from very easy to skilful:

    • Using bobby pins to sweep the fringes toward the back
    • Hairstyles with Alice bands

  • Gallery: Hairstyles for Kids

    Hairstyles for Kids

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    Hairstyles for Kids –Traditional Pigtails

    Two simple braids and a middle parting make a beautiful hairstyle for girls. This hairstyle should not be a problem for Mom and it is perfect for school and play

    Hairstyles for Kids

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    Hairstyles for Kids – The Shag

    Creating this fringed short hairstyle is an easy task for hair stylists. This endearing style is known as shag. It sometimes emerges by itself because the planned haircut was postponed over and again. Boys love this cool hairstyle

    Hairstyles for Kids

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    Hairstyles for Kids – Semi-Updo

    This is the perfect style if your girl likes to wear her long hair open but as a Mom, you like a slightly more organised look. There is room for many nifty variations. You can twirl strands of the front hair and secure them on the sides or in the back of the head

    Hairstyles for Kids

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    Hairstyles for Kids – Wearing Alice Bands

    Alice bands are not only the means to an end (to keep the hair out of the face); they are also a pretty accessory, which comes in many styles