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Ponytails with Pizazz

Are you looking for a new hair style, which is practical but not boring and also allows for some playful styling creativity? Have a look at our ponytail line-up and see whether you like to try some of the cool looks

  • Gathering long hair into a ponytail quickly brings order to hair and keeps it from hanging in your face while you work, play or engage in your favourite sport. Aside from being practical, ponytails are also stylish. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and countless models in fashion shows all over the world certainly pay tribute to the forever popular ponytail.

  • Come Join the Ponytail Extravaganza

    Ponytails are not only the last resort on bad hair days but a genuine hair style classic with countless styling possibilities. There is a ponytail for all occasions from business meetings, work, shopping and parties to big events like weddings. The many different ponytail styles are as easy to create as they are attractive. No wonder women everywhere embrace the ponytail sometimes even before their hair has reached the required shoulder-length for the long-time hair style favourite.

  • What Is Your Favourite Ponytail Style?

    Styling ponytails certainly brings out the individualists among women, men and hair stylists. Ponytails bounce high on top of the head or low in the neck, they are worn straight back or sideways over the shoulder, they go well with hair jewellery and surprise with satin bands, feathers or leather straps. Ponytails go with middle or side partings and equally well show off shiny sleek hair, waves and playful curls. Then there are the many ways to braid, twist and twirl the ponytail. Of course, the longer the ponytail the more styling variations exist.

    Are you convinced yet or did you always love the creative and often sassy ponytail? Please don’t miss out on our ponytail gallery below. You may be inspired to try yet another ponytail style.

  • Gallery: Ponytail Hairdos and Styling Tips

    Der Pferdeschwanz JSong Way

    © Getty Images  

    Ponytail Twist

    On both sides, a strand of model JSong Way’s hair is twisted around as it is guided from the temples toward the low neck area. Both strands are then combined to a ponytail. A wide strand of hair is wrapped around the scrunchy to hide it

    Der Pferdeschwanz Herve Leger by Max Azria

    © Getty Images  

    Elegant Triple Ponytail

    Three ponytails merge into one. Herve Leger created this ponytail for Max Azria. Three large strands of hair are gathered in the back of the head, one high up near the crown of the head, the next one about midway between the first ponytail and the neck and the lowest one in the neck. The three ponytails merge to one. First the top ponytail combines with the intermediate one and both cascade into the neck ponytail

    Der Pferdeschwanz Valentino


    Dropped Ponytail

    Valentino creates ponytails with tender, innocent flair. The hair is gathered low in the back at shoulder height and held with a decorative ribbon

    Der Pferdeschwanz Rachel Nichols

    © Getty Images  

    The Two-Tone Ponytail

    Rachel Nichol’s hair is sleeked back in an austere, sexy looking style. Her hair is gathered in a high traditional ponytail. The root portion of her hair is darker than the ends, giving this ponytail a modern look


    Ponytail with Middle Parting

    Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore this sleek ponytail version with middle parting well at the 2012 Oscar Awards. The lighter streaks in her hair are a nifty detail

    Der Pferdeschwanz Emanuel Ungaro


    Sleek Ponytail with Leather Strap

    Gel makes this ponytail style by Emanuel Ungaro sleek, shiny and very appealing. The ponytail high on her head is gathered and wrapped many times using a leather strap

    Der Pferdeschwanz Jessica Bueno

    © Getty Images  

    Traditional Wavy Ponytail with Fringes

    Jessica Bueno presents the happy, sweet look perfectly. Here she models a La Sposa wedding gown. Her wavy hair is gathered to a traditional ponytail with full straight fringes to complement the style

    Der Pferdeschwanz Camille Belle

    © Getty Images  

    The Undone Ponytail

    Actress Camilla Belle demonstrates how a tousled ponytail can add nonchalance to formal outfits. Simply gather your hair into a ponytail. Then use your fingers to loosen the arrangement starting at the hair roots. Pull out thin strands of hair on both sides of your head and allow them to fall into your face

    Der Pferdeschwanz  Dries van Noten


    Ponytail with Round Metal Clasp

    The hair is slightly teased for this ponytail style. Use your fingers to loosen the gathered hair even more. The round metal clasp is a charming ponytail accessory