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Enchanting Hairstyles for Romantic Times

Romantic Hairstyles
Selena Gomez looks feminine and romantic in her playful dress. The softly styled chignon is ideal for a date with the man of her dreams
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Any time is a good time for closeness and romance. Playful outfits and softly styled hair can easily bring enchantment to seemingly ordinary events like a dinner party with good friends, a spontaneous date, watching a movie with your spouse or a girls’ night out. Luckily, there are endless choices for alluring outfits and romantic hairstyles. The s in our gallery show a few fabulously romantic looks

  • Women of style never stop dressing up and styling their hair for romance. It is fun and adds spice to everyday life. Of course, the first date is a good reason for feminine outfits and alluring hairstyles but so are many other occasions. Simply soften an austere chignon or ponytail. Soft lines and playful styles never fail to appeal and inspire romance.

    Austere hairstyles rarely invite romance. By contrast, slightly tousled curls, waves, braids and chignons are sure to set the scene for romance. Softly moving hair looks playful and invites closeness.

  • Styling Tip for Romantic Hairdos

    Slightly tousled hair looks endearing and invites touch. This is one time not to be too ‘organised’.

    From Sleek to Wavy: A curling iron, flat iron or curlers turn straight hair into soft waves. Light hairspray keeps the waves beautiful without restricting their natural movement.

    Hair Accessories: Sparkling embellishments and adornments in the shape of flowers are particularly effective. They are the finishing touch for your romantic hairstyle.

    Glamour and Nostalgia: Romantic hairstyles and nostalgic elements work exceedingly well together. Reminiscent of past glamour are Alice bands, feathers, finger waves and pearl earrings.

  • Matching Romantic Hairstyles and Outfits

    Your outfit should reflect the elfin nature of your romantic hairstyle. Particularly soft and graceful appear items in soft pastel colours made of silk and velvet or knitted items. Oversized outfits can be very flattering.

  • Matching Romantic Hairstyles and Make-up

    Natural make-up colours work best for a soft feminine style. Accentuate your lips in delicate pink hues or simply use transparent gloss. The focus should be on your eyes. Eye shadow in light brown and beige shades and several layers of mascara will draw attention to your eyes. Apply blush with a light touch.

    In his video, Armin Morbach demonstrates how to style an elegant updo with hair accessories.

  • Video: How to Style a Romantic Updo

  • We hope you will be inspired by the romantic hairstyles of the s in our gallery.

  • Gallery: Stars Wearing Romantic Hairstyles

    Malin Akerman and her Romantic Hairstyle


    Romantic Hairstyles: Finger Waves

    Actress Malin Akerman’s romantic hairdo shows nostalgic finger waves, which turn into curls near the ends. Her blonde hair is ideally styled for a romantic dinner in a restaurant

    Emmy Rossum and her Romantic Hairstyle


    Romantic Hairstyles: Braids

    Emmy Rossum gives her hairstyle a romantic touch with loosely braided hair, which is casually gathered in the back. Soft waves give this semi-updo a particularly lively character. This is the ideal hairstyle for a lazy Sunday brunch

    Emma Stone and her Romantic Hairstyle


    Romantic Hairstyles: Hair Jewellery

    Emma Stone wears a flower dress in folklore style. Her hairstyle is a perfect fit for her dress. Playful blonde curls are embellished with silver hair jewellery above her left ear. She is ideally dressed and groomed for a first date

    Marisa Tomei and her Romantic Hairstyle


    Romantic Hairstyles: Streaks

    Oscar winner Marisa Tomei has eliminated the austerity of her chignon by pulling out a large strand of curled hair on one side of her head. This easy style element has a tremendous effect. Suddenly, her chignon is playful with her hair softly framing her face. This look is ideally suited for a girls’ night out

    Dakota Fanning and her Romantic Hairstyle


    Romantic Hairstyle with Alice Band

    Dakota Fanning’s hair is parted in the middle. The Alice band gives the plain hairstyle the romantic twist. This hairstyle is ideal for a relaxed evening watching movies