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Beach Waves and other Cool Summer Hairstyles

Beach Waves and other Cool Summer Styles
Miss Universe 2004, model, and television presenter Jennifer Hawkins loves to part her hair in the middle and allow her blonde tresses to flow in casual beach waves
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Sun-drenched beach waves reflecting the light of a warm care-free summer day seem to be inextricably connected to summer fun at the beach and in the great outdoors. This summer, casual, free flowing waves are more popular than ever. We suggest a few other fun summer hairstyles for good measure and variety. Fun, creative, and casual are the main keywords for hot summer hairstyles. Get ready for the beach, a mountain hike, a river cruise or simply the party in the backyard!

  • Summer is here! Hot temperatures and outdoor fun call for practical and comfortable hairstyles. Whether you decide to let your beach waves play in a cool sea breeze or want to sport that sleek elegant hairstyle at the summer party with friends, we can suggest a few nifty summer hairstyles for you.

    Beach waves and summer hairstyles: Updos are comfortable around triple-digit temperatures.

    Ponytails, chignons, and braided hairstyles keep the hair from sticking to your skin on hot days when cooling breezes can be had only around fans. Such hairdos are easy to style and last for hours even if you move around in the hot sun. Playful hair accessories like flowers, colourful hair slides, bandanas or Alice bands give summer hairstyles a light-hearted flair.

    Beach Waves and other Open Hairstyles

    On a cooler day, in the early and late hours of a summer day, and to celebrate the freedom of summer, you may like to change your playful updo to silky flowing beach waves or an elegant sleek look. Use gel to sleek your hair back for the wet look.

    In our photo gallery, we suggest cool summer hairstyles for hot days and offer styling tips. In his video tutorial, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach shows simple ways to create sleek hairstyles.

  • Video: How to Create a Sleek Catwalk Hairstyle

  • Gallery: Beach Waves and other Cool Hairstyles for Hot Days

    Beach Waves & Co.: Charlize Theron

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    Summer Hairstyles: Short & Wavy

    Charlize Theron had to cut her hair short for her role in the movie sequel ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. Luckily, short hair is all the rage right now. She tousled the top hair of her wavy pixie upward for a creative and almost festive look.


    Styling Tip: Aside from providing more volume, volumising powder also makes hair more manageable

    Beach Waves & Co.: Karolina Kurkova

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    Summer Hairstyles: The Sleek Wet Look

    Model Karolina Kurkova has sleeked back the hair covering her scalp. This gives her hair an austere but elegant look. The style keeps the hair out of her face on hot summer days


    Styling Tip: Use gel to create the perfect wet look and use extra-gloss hairspray for the long hair in the back.

    Beach Waves & Co.: Gillian Zinser

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    The Perfect Summer Hairstyle: The Chignon

    Actress Gillian Zinser likes to gather her hair in a high chignon on hot summer days. A tad of hair oil helps to style the trendy chignon. She is the very image of the casual life at the beach.


    Styling Tip: Apply hair oil to your fingertips and evenly spread it over the covering hair. Repeat this process after gathering the high chignon. At the same time, loosen the tension of the gathered hair for a casual look

    Beach Waves & Co.: Hayden Panettiere

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    Summer Hairstyles: The Crown Braid

    Hayden Panettiere loves to style her hair into veritable works of art. Braids are ideal for keeping hair out of face and neck during the dog days of summer.


    Styling Tip: Apply an about walnut-sized dollop of styling mousse to your hair before braiding for added hold and manageability

    Beach Waves & Co.: Suki Waterhouse

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    Summer Hairstyles: Hippie Waves

    Suki Waterhouse looks enchanting with her soft hippie waves, the long fringes, and the playful jewellery in her hair. The look is perfect for carefree summer fun.


    Styling Tip: Evenly apply salt spray to your dry or towel-dry hair. Use your hands to tousle your hair for the desired undone look.

    Beach Waves & Co.: Natasha Poly

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    Summer Hairstyles: The Traditional Ponytail

    Poly likes to wear a high ponytail on hot days. She uses styling gel for a wet look and wraps a strand of hair around the base of the ponytail.


    Styling Tip: Use hairspray to secure the traditional ponytail for an entire hot summer day