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Summer Hair Styles 2011: The Sideway Loop

  • Sommerfrisuren 2011 Nanette Lepore
    © Getty Images

    The Style:

    Some of Nanette Lepore’s fashion models gathered their hair in a sideway twist. The sleek style added a touch of glamour to the look and the magic of flat irons added lustre. This style does not only look nonchalant and relaxed, it is also easy to create.

  • You need:

    heat protectant spray or lotion, a flat iron and a scrunchy

  • How to Create the Style:

    • Start by working heat protectant spray or lotion through your hair before pulling it through a flat iron strand by strand. This gives your hair lustre and glamour. Important: Apply the flat iron from the roots to the tips in horizontal direction. Pulling your hair down would cause it to cling to your head with little volume
    • Gather the hair to a ponytail in the nape of your neck
    • Pull the created ponytail halfway through the scrunchy to create the side loop. Don’t fasten the ends of the ponytail but leave it as it is for a very casual look