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Warranty Included: Tips and Tricks

Are you at a loss on how to use just a little wax? Your hair stylist doesn’t hear you? Is all you create with your blow dryer is hot air but no volume? Don’t fret, there is hope. Dive into our treasure trove of professional tips and tricks. They work without spending a lot of time and effort, we guarantee it.

  • New Hairstyles

    New Hairstyle – New Image

    Routines are comfortable but every now and then everybody needs to spice up life, appearances, and hairstyles. Why not surprise yourself and everybody else by wearing a brand new hairstyle? Luckily, there are many choices. Get ready for some nifty but simple hairstyle variations, which are guaranteed to change the way you look

    Hairstyle Variations
  • Hair Straightening

    Three Ways to Straight Hair

    The sleek look is elegant, slimming, and alluring. Who could be surprised about its popularity? There are various methods to straighten hair. It may be enough to blow-dry it over a round or paddle brush, use a flat iron or apply a semi-permanent blow-dry straightening kit. Read on to learn more

    Hair Straightening Methods
  • Style Consultation for Women with Curly Hair

    Style Consultation for Curly Tops

    We often associate curls with femininity and carefree joy. Yet, styling curls is not always as carefree as that image implies. The right curly hair style should fit your type and hair styling habits and of course, appeal to others. Below, we present curly top examples for your inspiration

    Styling Curls for Extra Appeal
  • Styling Short Hair: Cécilia Mendez

    Styling Short Hair

    Cutting your hair short does not only change your image but also your styling habits. To ease you into the sassy new style we prepared a list with styling tricks and products for short hair. You will soon get the hang of it!

    Styling Short Haircuts
  • Hair Dryers Deliver Hot Air and Then Some

    One hair dryer - so many uses!

    Apply hot air, done! Today’s women no longer style their hair this way! Manufacturers now offer a wide variety of gentle hair dryers. Add to this the proper styling tricks and your hair style will be just the way you always wanted it

    Hair dryer: not just hot air
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