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Re-inventing Your Hairstyle

There are some positive aspects about routines. However, getting stuck in a rut is a different matter entirely. Go ahead, be adventurous and surprise yourself with an entirely new look! It is a lot of fun to break the hairstyle routine and try alternatives. Luckily, there are plenty of fun ways to create interesting hairstyle variations for a fresh new look

  • By definition, experiments are a way to approach new horizons without having an inkling what the results may be or alternatively, a way to prove the validity of a hypothesis. Hairstyling experiments may pave the way to new territories and prove that change is good. Go ahead, look different for a change!

    Once you are in the habit of experimenting with new hairstyles, you will have a lot of fun finding out how the hairstyles you see on friends, stars, models, colleagues or passers-by would look on you. Experiments have a way of turning up unexpected results, which lead to more ideas, further experiments and altogether more fun. Experiments gone awry can have the most revealing outcomes. Then again, experiments may work out as expected, providing you with a sense of pride in the execution. In short, you can't lose.

  • Inspiration for New Hairstyles

    All you need is a styling idea. What do you like to do with your hair? How do you want to change your style and look? Would you like to straighten your curls, use gel to comb your fringes back or to the side or gather your medium-length hair into a side-swept ponytail? Maybe you would rather try one of the trendy braided hairstyles, pin your hair back on one side only or create a semi-updo or updo? There are countless ponytail variations to try out. An important question is also whether you like to appear cool, alluring, innocent, perky, elegant or just clever and uncomplicated.

    We hope you see your personality reflected in one or the other one of our gallery photos. Every star in our line-up wears two different hairstyles to create two very different looks.

    Are you unsure about creating a stylish sleek look? In his video tutorial, our top hair stylist Armin Morbach shows how you can do it.

  • Video: How to style the chignon in three different ways

  • Gallery: Different Hairstyle – Different Role for a Star

    New Hairstyles: Kate Upton

    © Getty Images  

    New Hairstyles: Gentle Waves or Hair Swept Back Sideways

    Kate Upton wears casual beach waves in the left photo. In the photo on the right, her hair is swept back and pinned up on one side


    Style the beach waves using a large-diameter curling iron. Do not completely roll up your hair but hold the ends of your hair with your fingers


    Hair pinned back on one side: Tightly comb back your hair on one side and secure it using two crosswise placed bobby pins. You can tame stray hair using wax or hair gel. Apply extra gloss hair spray for more lustre and hold

    New Hairstyles: Kristin Cavallari

    © Getty Images  

    New Hairstyles: Straight and Undone or Sleek Ponytail

    In the left photo, Kristin Cavallari’s blow-dried hair is straight and looks undone. On the right, she is wearing a tightly gathered ponytail showing large waves


    Undone Styling: Blow-dry your hair while pulling it through a paddle brush. Then distribute hair wax between your fingers and run them through your hair from the roots to the ends. Tousle your hair and accentuate individual ends


    Styling the Ponytail Look: Use a curling iron or large curlers to create large waves from shoulder level down. Warm the rolled up hair using a blow dryer. Then take out the curlers or the curling iron. Run your fingers through your hair a couple of times to shape large waves. Now comb your hair while gathering it in a high ponytail. Secure the ponytail using a scrunchy. Use extra-gloss hairspray for a finishing touch and more hold

    New Hairstyles: Rooney Mara

    © Getty Images  

    New Hairstyles: Straight Fringes or Sleek Look

    On the left, Rooney Mara wears a chignon with precision-cut fringes and her hair is not parted. In the photo on the right, her hair is parted low on the left side and the gelled fringes are combed to the side and back


    Chignon with Straight Fringes: Distribute wax in the hair, create the chignon and straighten every single stray hair


    The Sleek Look: Already comb your hair into the desired style while you blow-dry it. Distribute gel through your hair and comb your hair so that it smoothly covers the scalp

    New Hairstyles: Rachel McAdams

    © Getty Images  

    New Hairstyles: Curls or Semi Updo

    On the left, Rachel McAdams meets her fans wearing her curly hair parted in the middle. She changed to straight hair and a semi updo for a red carpet appearance


    The Curly Look: Distribute curling mousse throughout the towel-dry hair and allow it to air-dry. Then shape your hair by running your fingers through it (don't brush your hair)


    The Sleek Semi-Updo: Distribute volumising mousse through your hair and blow-dry it while pulling a round brush through your hair from the roots to the ends