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  • 111th Schwarzkopf Anniversary

We Love Hair: 111th Schwarzkopf Anniversary

Schwarzkopf looks back on 111 years of tradition, trend-setting and world-wide success. The hair cosmetics company Schwarzkopf celebrates this special anniversary with an extraordinary book project

  • Schwarzkopf We Love Hair
    Callwey 2009, 192 Pages with 257 Colour and B&W Photographs - ISBN-13: 9783766718983
    © Schwarzkopf

    Not everybody gets to celebrate his or her 111 birthday, but the Schwarzkopf brand has always been exceptional by design. Our Sr. Executive VP Tina Müller puts our world-wide Henkel hair cosmetics company in the right light: "The three ones in 111 represent innovation, market leadership and consumer trust. We are first in all categories for 111 years."

    Appropriately, we created something threefold exceptional for the 111th Schwarzkopf anniversary. We mark this special occasion with a large-format book containing first rate photos, illustrations and text. The book covers many different facets of the topic hair, some of them quite surprising. Aside from photo galleries by well-known photographers like Karl Lagerfeld, Roxanne Lowit, Russell James and Gabo, the book "We Love Hair" features contributions of the renowned illustrator Olaf Hajek as well as up close and personal hairy stories by internationally revered authors like Nick Hornby, Patrice Leconte and Sir Roger Moore.

  • Presentation at the NRW Forum Düsseldorf*

    In large format, Schwarzkopf presented selected chapters from the exclusive book as a preview between October 28 and November 8, 2009 in an exhibition at the NRW forum in Düsseldorf (Germany). At the opening gala on the 27th of October 2009, the artists who contributed to the book "We Love Hair" gave us the honour of their presence and so did the authors Wladimir Kaminer, Veronica Ferres, Eva Padberg, Shermine Shahrivar as well as the Schwarzkopf expert hair professionals Tom Kroboth and Armin Morbach.

    Like always at Schwarzkopf, only the best would do. Hans van Bylen, Managing Director of the Henkel Group’s cosmetics/skin care division, underscored this Schwarzkopf drive: "Consumers are certainly right when they expect innovation and exceptional quality from Schwarzkopf. We are going to any length to meet these expectations and are very passionate about it."

    * NRW, North Rhine Westphalia, German State