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Schwarzkopf & Henkel is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the market. We have customers in 125 countries worldwide that purchased EUR 2.477 billion in 2004

  • Our extensive portfolio includes many best known brands and best loved products in colourants, styling, hair care, toiletries, skin care, oral hygiene and fragrances.

    Our 'Schwarzkopf Professional' division holds a top 4 position among salon exclusive brands.

    We are part of the Henkel Group which also has strengths in adhesives, detergents and technologies.

  • Milestones Schwarzkopf

    • Historie Schwarzkopf


      A small Berlin drugstore

      Hans Schwarzkopf, a qualified chemist in Berlin, opens a tiny drugstore with a popular perfume section. Who could have predicted that his business would go on to become one of the most significant hair care companies in the world?

    • 1903

      Hans Schwarzkopf’s inventive talent

      Hans dislikes the expensive oils and harsh soaps used to wash hair and is inspired to create a better solution. His first product to market is a "powder shampoo" that dissolves in water. This easy-to-use affordable solution is an instant hit.

    • 1904

      Demand is huge

      Soon is Hans supplying his ‘shampoo with the black head’ to every drugstore in Berlin, with international distribution to Holland and Russia hard on its heels.

    • 1927

      The first liquid shampoo

      Hans Schwarzkopf introduces the first ever liquid shampoo to the market. The demand fuels fast-paced growth and prompts the opening of the very first hairdressing training centre: the "Schwarzkopf Institute for Hair Hygiene".

    • 1933

      The prototype for all modern shampoos

      Hans Schwarzkopf invents "Onakali", the world’s first non-alkaline shampoo.

    • 1947

      The first cold perm

      Schwarzkopf revolutionizes the German market and allows women to achieve a permanent wave without needing to heat hair to 100 degrees. The first ever home colour product - Poly Color is also launched.

    • 1949

      Gold for Schwarzkopf

      "Schauma-Crème-Shampon" achieves mass distribution and becomes one of the classic brands of all time. Home hair colourant Poly Color is awarded a gold medal for the greatest invention in its category.

    • 1951-55

      Taft – the "liquid Hairnet"

      Revolutionary crème colours and bleaches make home usage safer than ever. The first hairspray Taft (the ‘liquid Hairnet’) hits the market. The verb "taften" meaning to "spray with hairspray" enters popular usage in Germany during the post-war economic boom.

    • 1960

      Igora Royal

      Igora Royal - Schwarzkopf Professional’s top colouring range is introduced. The brand has grown to become a global force in the salon world. Poly Color delivers a great new innovation by launching the first permanent wave for home use.

    • 1962

      The product portfolio

      The Poly Hair Cosmetics range is expanded to include hair products in all market segments - covering colour, perm, care and styling.

    • 1969

      Igora Toning

      Schwarzkopf launches Igora Toning, the first in-salon colour mousse in Europe. The innovation makes colour more accessible to both hairdressers and clients alike.

    • 1972

      The "Schwarzkopf method"

      Schwarzkopf creates and launches a "method" approach to perm services that includes consultation, products, technology and training. Poly Kur delivers the first universal hair care system comprising shampoo, conditioner and treatment.

    • 1980

      Schwarzkopf becomes CFC-free

      Years ahead of its time Schwarzkopf pioneers CFC-free aerosols for its sprays - at the first international cosmetics manufacturer to do so.

    • 1988

      Breakthrough on the German market

      Poly Soft Toner makes a breakthrough with the German launch of a temporary liquid hair colour with a fabulous range of intensive, fashionable shades.

    • 1990

      Poly Brillance

      The Range Poly Brillance, a new "fashion statement in colour" is launched in a striking red design, with a sophisticated concept promising "colours as everlasting as a diamond".

    • 1991

      Plant-Based Colour

      Schwarzkopf Professional launches the pant-based colorant Igora Botanic. Again pioneering the growing trend towards natural products. The semi-permanent colour uses a biodegradable vegetable-based formula, free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

    • 1995

      Henkel buys Schwarzkopf

      Henkel acquires Schwarzkopf and instantly becomes a leading European supplier in the field of hair cosmetics.

    • 1996

      50 Years of Poly

      Poly celebrates its 50th anniversary and Schwarzkopf & Henkel refocus to stand for tradition, reliability, quality and trust.

    • 1998

      100th anniversary

      The Centenary! 100 years after Hans Schwarzkopf opened that first drugstore in Berlin his vision for customer-focused and innovative products has created a global force in cosmetics. The launch of Re-Nature, a self-repigmenting hair colour for grey hair designed to restore hair to its natural shade. The revolutionary formula works by oxidising with air, causing grey to vanish.

    • 2000

      Launch of OSIS

      Schwarzkopf Professional launches OSIS - a new styling brand for professional hairdressers, inspired by session stylists. Global hair icon Umberto Giannini champions this edgy, dynamic and fashion inspired brand.

    • 2003

      ASK Academy

      Schwarzkopf Professional opens their flagship ASK Academy in Tokyo, Japan. The luxurious range SEAH Hairspa is launched. US brand DIAL is added to the Schwarzkopf portfolio.

    • 2004

      Street Styles with got2b

      The London ASK Academy from Schwarzkopf Professional opens its doors, extending the global education and seminar offering. got2b a street styling range inspired by LA and NYC is successfully launched as a retail brand Europe.

    • 2005

      A whole year of innovation

      Root Retoucher empowers women to maintain a beautiful colour between salon visits. Natural & Easy introduces the Multi-Accent Technology for colour that never looks artificial or monotone. Street styling range got2b exhibits European growth and Taft launches its Silk-Touch line.

    • 2006

      The innovations continue

      The most effective repair ingredients, proteins and vitamins were merged into the innovative Total Repair 19 formula from GLISS KUR, the hair care specialist. In March, Taft introduces the Senso Touch Effect, hair that’s so soft to touch - 24 hr hold with no stickiness. September sees the launch of Brilliance Luminance, the fashion-focused wash-out colour, especially formulated for dark hair.

    • 2007

      The innovation against hair loss

      There is a solution, both for him and for her, from Schwarzkopf against non-pathological hair loss, which reduces the thinning of the hair significantly in an innovative way.

      ACTIV Dr. Hoting is the name of the innovative high-performance care.
      The products in the variants ACTIV F Dr. Hoting for women and ACTIV M Dr. Hoting for men brisk the energy-metabolism of the hair root, the active growth phase of a single hair is extended and the density of the hair is increased.

      The innovation is the new, patent-pending ingredient complex. The most important part is carnitintartrat. Test results show that carnitintartrat stimulates the energy metabolism of the hair root, since it promotes the phosphate-connections in the haircell. In addition, the speed of the growth of the hair is increasing under the influence of carnitintartrat, and the hair sty longer in the growth-phase - a clear anti-hair loss effect.

    • 2008

      Schwarzkopf’s first 10 minutes coloration

      A coloration that changed everything: Coloriste, the new coloration of Schwarzkopf, gives intense, natural glossy color - in just 10 minutes.

      The experts of Schwarzkopf managed to minimize the damage in the hair, thanks to the patent-pending arginine formula, during the coloration and to improve the action of the pigments at the same time.

      The results: intense, long-lasting color with a perfect grey-coverage in a significantly shorter duration. The innovative comb-applicator allows easy application - all without dripping and as simple as combing.