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  • Blog Trends: Boho

    The Boho Blog Trend

    Boho hairstyles expressing the nonchalant ethnic mixture of gypsy and rock styles are absolutely indispensable if you delight in the hair fashion embraced by stars like Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen. See how bloggers make this style their own

    A Boho Hairstyle Extravaganza
  • Blog Trend: Casual Bridal Hair Styles

    Casual Bridal Hair Styles

    The summer hair styles in 2011 are simple and enchantingly nonchalant. In the blogosphere, this style now also dominates festive wedding hair styles. The results are charming

    Relaxed Bridal Hair Styles
  • Blog Trend: Ombre Hair

    Blog Trend: Ombre Hair

    Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore were the trailblazers for wearing ombre hair. Bloggers have come to love wearing their hair in gradually changing shades between dark chocolate and tawny brown. We like to introduce to you ombre coloured hair at its best

    The Many Facets of Ombre Hair
  • Blogtrend: Hats

    Hairstyles under Your Trendy Hat

    Wearing hats was last year’s insider tip. It now is a trend. Once again, the hat has become an essential part of every wardrobe. This is not too surprising. Hats stand for extravagance and style. Besides, they cost less than the newest designer bag. We have some tips for the right hairdos underneath that trendy hat

    Trendy Bloggers Wear Hats
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