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What are the new hairstyle trends? Schwarzkopf has the answer: Four fascinating looks bring the leading trends to a point. Cool, individual, feminine and urban – photography legend Annie Leibovitz presents the hair highlights in proper style in New York.

New York, New York ... Inspired by the pulsating atmosphere of the American metropolis, the 2016 hairstyle trends follow the motto of 'Vivacity'. Vivacity means urbanity and vivaciousness in one. There is no better place than the Big Apple to capture this mood. 'When you go for a walk here,' gushes Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach, 'you can see a Latina, then a redhead and then a blonde woman. We wanted to capture this multicultural flair with a certain high fashion glamour.'

This is the result: Four looks – Loose Breeze, Big City Waves, Shoulder Touch and Pretty Jaw – reflecting precisely this lifestyle. For the modern woman, the cosmopolite who knows what she wants. From New York to Berlin, metropolis to small town – the trend hairstyles fit any head, anywhere in the world. The best things about them: These styles are relaxed, easy and suitable for everyday wear, but also glamorous, classy and extravagant. This was also revealed during the shooting in the Big Apple where star photographer Annie Leibovitz, whose lens has already captured famous personalities from Bill Clinton to Kim Kardashian, photographed the hairstyle trends. The models were presented like stars on magazine covers. A touch of glamour was part of the package.

What served as inspiration for these looks? In addition to social trends and street styles – international fashion shows, especially those of the classic fashion boutiques like Missoni and Gucci. The right makeup – emphasising the eyebrows, eyelashes and lips, otherwise natural and fresh – is the ideal visual complement.

Modern, Feminine, Elegant: These Looks Make 2016 Even Better

In the upcoming trend season, styling is more crucial than the haircut. Here are the trendy new styling ideas for long manes (Loose Breeze, Big City Waves), shoulder length hair (Shoulder Touch) or chin length hair (Pretty Jaws) – or the incentive for getting it cut. Get inspired!

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    Loose Breeze

    Inspired by the hippie look with a touch of sex appeal: That is Loose Breeze. With a side parting, loose side braid or gentle waves that frame the face – this look is fresh and natural! 'Any woman looks good with a bit of a wave and volume at the hairline. Loose Breeze rejuvenates and reminds me of the typical 'girl next door',' says Armin Morbach.

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    Big City Waves

    This look guarantees a grand appearance: 'When a woman enters a restaurant with hair like that, heads are going to turn – simply because it is sexy,' says Armin Morbach. Big City Waves lend volume and steadfastness to hair without appearing stiff. Thanks to the airy texture, the look works during the day and also in the evening. It represents strong, urban women who like to highlight their femininity with a lot of understatement. From romantic & fairy-like with red hair to exotic and seductive with a dark mane – but always elegant.

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    Shoulder Touch

    Since it became model Karlie Kloss’s trademark, the long bob is more popular than ever. The Schwarzkopf interpretation allows full freedom: This look can be sleek with luscious volume, styled as soft waves that frame the face or also in wild beach waves. 'Shoulder Touch reminds me of the late sixties and early seventies: from rock and roll to hippies. Here the wild look was especially important to us. I can easily picture this with a classy dress. That provides the necessary break,' Armin Morbach explains. 

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    Pretty Jaws

    The chin-length bob leaves plenty of leeway: Curly and wild or with elegant waves, it works either way. 'This is a look you wear with self confidence. I can picture it best on a touch, somewhat masculine woman. A creative individual leading an exciting life. She doesn’t want to spend hours in the bath. It is more about the woman herself and not necessarily just about the look,' says Armin Morbach.