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Newtral Goddess: Androgynous hair styles can be very sexy

No doubt, the times when only men cut their hair short are long gone. Agyness Deyn certainly did much to promote short hair for women.  Especially women with very expressive faces love to wear their hair short to emphasise their facial features. Softly shaped short haircuts allow quite a few styling variations. The hair may be combed asymmetrically, sleeked in the style of the 1980s, shaped into a quiff or it may be allowed to casually fall into the face with fringes. This is also how Armin Morbach describes the Newtral Goddess Look: "The look can be individualised and is perfect for women with strong personalities who like to experiment"

  • The mop top aka mushroom head is having a huge revival in 2012. Not only Beatles fans love this style. The hair ends are blown dry while they are pulled inward through a large round brush. This works particularly well for the round haircut, which is typical of the Newtral Goddess style. Stray hair is tamed using hair wax. The hair wax also adds extra gloss.

    The 'Elvis quiff' is best styled using old-fashioned pomade. Alternatively, you can also use wax or gel, whatever happens to be on hand. Work the pomade, wax or gel through your hair, but particularly through the front portion of your hair. Then tease the upper front part of your hair and fold it backward. Secure the quiff with slides if necessary.

    The sleek version of the Newtral Goddess style looks particularly elegant. You create this style by pulling your hair through a flat iron and by adding wax for more lustre. Don't forget to apply heat protectant before using the flat iron.